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So when did I last update? Gawd, it was forever ago. Nine days I guess. I finished Gonna Be Late, and have shown it to a few select people. A general showing can prob'ly be expected tomorrow (Saturday) night at Lexie's birthday party, if enough interest is shown, I guess.

So last weekend we went to some party at Lauren LeGrand's house. I drove Lexie and her friends from Olympia, Sara and Nora. It was sorta lame in certain respects, but lots of fun in others...we broke one of Lauren's corkscrews, but it was some cheap one and they have some bad-ass spaceship corkscrew thingie, so I don't reckon it's any big deal. See, I'd brought this bottle of champagne, and in trying to open it, the cap part of the mushroom-shaped cork just sorta broke off. Then I tried the cheap bottle-opener-fold-out-corkscrew thing, and it wasn't working, and Gary suggested that we pull against each other to get the cork out. Well, in doing that, we only broke the corkscrew. Eventually, Peat Henry and Lauren figured out that pushing the cork into the bottle was basically the best option, so most of the glasses of champagne poured had little bits of cork floating in them. Oh, well. Some other people came, like Drywall, and Ron was there, and Padt, and DMike, and Heather (until she mysteriously disappeared) and this plumber-dude named Bart, and some other jokers, too. But who cares about them? Eventually we left, and I guess some stuff got screwed up, but you can read Lauren's journal for that. After the party we took Sara home and then Nora and then I think Lexie and I went somewhere to eat maybe? I don't really remember. Yeah, I think we went to Morgan's. I mean, Tiffany's.

Earlier that day, I woke up, not quite remembering why I'd done so so early. Then, at around 10:40PM or something, I remembered that it was Tim Engleman's father's funeral. I threw some shit on, and looked all haggard, but it was a nice effect, especially for the funeral of the father of someone I've not spoken with since the year 2000 or so. It was an interesting way to start the day, and very sad, and then I missed French class cuz I was still at the funeral. I did go to the French conversation table, though, which started right after the class ended. I couldn't really concentrate, though.

Saturday, not much happened. I was at work pretty much on time, as I recall, and that was pretty unusual. Sunday I was late. Saturday night, I went to some show at the YMCA at Arsenal and Sublette. I went to see Corbeta Corbata, and they were headlining. I saw JT and Casey and Jason Sim there, which was nice, I hadn't seen JT since god-knows-when; prob'ly the BIGGEST and BEST PARTY EVER!!! in November 2001. Sim I see all the time; at 90 Day Men, at Le Tigre, you name it. Casey was there to be the strobe light dude for this band called the Keanu Reeves Reveau, whom Jason and JT had also come to see. They were hilarious; pretty normal lookin' guys that played 30-second thrash songs and wore funny costumes, and to top it all off, had some tall goofy dude wearing a strobe light on his head. It was a riot, and all the kids there went crazy. I don't think I've seen so many high schoolers, or for that matter, so many Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor's, in one place at once, for a long time. Corbeta Corbata were also pretty radical, and those guys are pretty nice guys, too. I didn't really do anything after that.

Sunday, I hung out with Brad and Martha. We drove west on 44 looking for a truck stop with video games, not finding one, and turning around at the intersection of 44 and 100. We took Manchester ALL THE WAY BACK to Brentwood Lanes, and I gave Martha and Brad a tour of all the old High School and Squid spots and shit along Manchester. Then we went to Courtesy on Kingshighway, it was pretty great.

This week, I've been dividing my time between school and finishing up Gonna Be Late. Megan and I tried driving to Columbia on Monday to see ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, but as we got farther west, the weather got WORSE. It was snowing and slushy and altogether terrible. We were only going like 35 miles an hour, so I totally knew we were gonna be so damned late, but we kept trucking for awhile, until my car started going outta control and we did a 180 and ended on the shoulder, sorta down on this hill, and facing oncoming traffic driving in the lane we'd so recently been in. The car wouldn't move forward or backward, and Megan was getting ready to call AAA when some pickup truck guy pulled over and towed us out. We kept going toward the show for about two minutes before we realized that was ultimately impractical since we'd be late and unsafe since we'd almost just died. So, we went back, and hung out with Brad and Martha, went to Tiffany's, had a pinball contest, followed by a Ms. Pac-Man contest, which I nearly won but lost to Brad ultimately (he also won the pinball contest).

Tuesday I had class all day and didn't do much at all.

Wednesday I had class then finished Gonna Be Late then didn't go to work cuz I'd taken myself off the schedule to see Wesley Willis at the Hi-Pointe. I showed up there around 8:45PM (doors were at 8:00PM), and there was some line all the way down Oakland Alley. It was nuts. It was completely sold out, and I saw Gareth of Surkranikhan in line and talked to him for awhile, then some guy came out and let five people who were 21+ in, and Mic and Parker of Surkranikhan fame were two of those five. So Gareth and another Surkrani-friend, Brian (Bryan?) and I were trying to devise ways to get in, and we hung out by the back door as a band was unloading, and Mic tried to get us in, and some other dude did, too, but it didn't work. So we went back to the front, and talked to the dude that stiffed Surkranikhan the last time they played there, but he couldn't let us in, and I asked if Amy was working, but she wasn't. Bummer. Instead, I called Martha, who had just picked Jill up from the airport, and I arranged to meet with them later as I went to Steak 'n' Shake in Richmond Heights with Gareth and Bryan. We met Mandy there and ate some stuff, then I left and went to campus to meet the others. Martha had told me on-campus apt. 411, which I thought was Jessica's, but she had told me some guy named Joe lived there, and I didn't know of any Seratti-roommate named Joe. Well, it was, in fact, Jessica's place, and nobody I knew was there yet but Veronica and Jessica (I was sure Martha & Co.'d be there, since I'd been at SNS for so long). Well, Kyle & Coire & Jill & Martha & Jim S. & Brad & Zack and tons of folks I don't know showed up, and Brad and I went to buy a jug of wine, and came back and we hung out for awhile, then Brad and Martha and Jill and "Rave" Rob and I went to Courtesy on Kingshighway for some food, then Jill spent the night at my place, and I worked the next day.

Last night, I went to Brad's to work on a top-secret project for the party tomorrow night.

The Frogs are also playing at the Creepy Crawl tomorrow night, which I've known about for some weeks, but not as long as I've known about Lexie's birthday party, which falls on the same day. I still haven't decided for sure that I'm going to the show, but I had some pretty big plans for this party, and I've seen the Frogs twice, and the last time they sorta blew, and as Pat and I discussed this morning, the Frogs are pretty much a waning sensation, even as cult phenomenons go, and even for people like ourselves. Apparently doors are at 8:00PM, and there are four bands playing before the Frogs, among them the Conformists, whom I saw at Project 1 a few weeks ago, and they were pretty bad-ass. I guess I'll see, but the Frogs don't appear to be in the cards. Also, the party is a sort-of opening/premiere party for Gonna Be Late, as I said. Who knows, though.

Also, this morning I listened to the Pixies album Bossanova, and even though for a long time I've held Doolittle as my favorite, mainly since I've had it for seven years or something, longer than any other Pixies album, and a lot longer than prob'ly most of my CDs, I think that now I might be tempted to say that, like most Pixies fans I know, Trompe Le Monde is at the bottom of the hierarchal list of Pixies LPs, where the other three share the top spot. "The Happening" is a really fuckin' awesome song from Bossanova. If I had to pick a fav'rite, which I don't, I'd prob'ly still say Doolittle, just for nostalgia's sake. But man...what a fuckin' great band. Buy their records. Don't download their MP3s. I don't usually talk a whole lot about music in my posts, but it hit me this morning and I felt like saying something.

So I'm at work now, and Brian's about to leave cuz there's a new "close at 6:00PM" policy about Blimpie, and there's a BYE about this so I can keep an eye on Taco Bell. Thanks for catching up.

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