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Ya Can't Believe It!

Oh my gosh a post! So I can throw away the ice cream receipt in my wallet, I figured I'd document the other night(Wednesday, April 12th)'s Dinosaur Jr show at Columbia, Missouri's Blue Note by posting the setlist played here!
  1. Gargoyle

  2. Kracked

  3. The Post

  4. The Wagon

  5. Forget The Swan

  6. Bulbs Of Passion

  7. The Lung

  8. Little Fury Things

  9. Lose

  10. In A Jar

  11. The Leper

  12. Sludgefeast

  13. Freak Scene

  14. Chunks

  15. Just Like Heaven

  16. Mountain Man

It was tight! "The Wagon" was a nice surprise, as it isn't a JayLouMurph-era song (but is an AWESOME song!), and I was under the impression that this reunion of the band was only to play songs from the first three albums. But hell, I don't know, maybe Lou helped write that song a bit (it is the first song on an album after he was kicked out, or left, or whatever), or they played it long before it appeared on Green Mind, or whatever. Still it was tight. "The Post" was also an awesomely good surprise, they hadn't played it at Lollapalooza but had played some others. They played "The Leper" instead of "Raisans" at the insistence of some audience members, way to go. Dinosaur Jr doesn't have much of a stage presence or audience rapport, but everyone (self included) is always happy to see them; they're the damned Godfathers of Grunge (or at least the gap-bridger between Neil Young and grunge? Or maybe something else, in any case they rock) or whatever, who cares if J doesn't say anything 'til the obligatory end-of-show "thanks everyone"?

Before the show we ate ice cream at a place called Sparky's, they had too many flavors I wanted to try. I ended up deciding on three: Blueberry, Rum Raisin, and something called Bourgeois with chunks of Ghirardelli chocolate in it. They had like green tea and chai latté flavored ice cream there. The rum raisin was absolutely spectacular; really all three flavors were, but I think rum raisin needs to be more popularly represented (Baskin-Robbins take note). I'd never even heard of blueberry ice cream before, but it was pretty spot-on.

This band Warhammer 48K played the show, we could hear 'em from the street as we ate ice cream. I know Mark Sarich is some big fan; I've never seen 'em but I think they're a reincarnation of another band I have seen, I just can't remember which one (One Inch Punch? The I Love You But I'm Not In Love With Yous?). The second band, Priestess, was all dunna-nunna, it was rockin' enough but ultimately didn't amount to much more than a Mötley Crüe ripoff.

I saw that one dude Pat ("Pat Co." as I've come to know him) from across the room, and Jaime Lees had driven by earlier and yelled out her window. We didn't get Shakespeare's pizza unfortunately or get to talk to Becky or Xian or Carla (whom I only found out got married, moved to CoMo and lives like on the same street we were on the day after we got back), but whatever, we went to see Dinosaur Jr and we did that with a vengeance.

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