RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Barry L. Smith

I was most upset to find out towards the end of work today that a once great friend of mine, whose son was my best friend from 7th 'til 12th grade, passed away on Monday. That it took four days to reach me is a little surprising, and very sad to me, that I allowed myself to become so disconnected from them. Actually, until a few weeks ago on account of a post by nemsies (or was it blueeml?), I didn't even know he was sick. I still don't know how or why he was sick, but I assume cancer of some kind on account of the obituary, which mentioned donating money to the American Cancer Society or Fund or whatever. I started to sorta cry to myself at work, mostly people were leaving or had left already so nobody really noticed. As a fellow Mormon-turned-non-Mormon, he was definitely an inspiration, always a hilarious dude with somethin' great or smart or amazing to say, always ready with a real zinger. The wake's on Saturday and I wouldn't miss it for anything...his son is currently in Afghanistan with the US Marines and can't even make it home, to think at one time I loved that family like my own, as my own, sometimes better prob'ly.

I was perusing the obituaries on stltoday.com and the announcements on schrader.com and found several nice guestbook entries from Sara Pilarski, Eric Marshall, and even (I think?) Ty Craft's Mom (if her name is Dinah). God it was sad.

But stltoday.com has a really nice obituaries section.

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