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"No Tagbacks!"

So that bastard Alex tagged me back on this meme. I'll try and make all the answers different from last time.

Four jobs you have had in your life: Website Designer, Vacuuming the staircase, Go get the food while we wait here, Production Designer

Four movies you could watch over and over: True Stories; Who Framed Roger Rabbit; You Can't Take It With You...I think Lonesome Dove might be a new one. Hell, it's so long, by the time you're done with it, you're ready to watch it again! I really loved it, though.

Four places you've lived: In La-La Land, In my car, At the Tivoli Theatre, at the St. Louis County Library (let's get literal, eh?)

Four TV shows you love to watch: Arrested Development (got v01, disc 03 at the library today!); Monty Python's Flying Circus; Futurama; Mr. Show

Four places you've been on vacation: Nivelles, Belgium, EU; Juneau, Alaska, USA; Mazatlan, Mexico; Tavares, Florida, USA

Four websites you visit daily: LiveJournal, Community America Credit Union, University City Public Library/Municipal Consortium of Libraries of St. Louis County, and St. Louis Public Library

Four of your favorite foods: Ho-hos (Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls are just fine, too), fried chicken, celery, that lil' smokies-candied yams-marshmallows thing Mom makes for Thanxgiving

Four places you'd rather be right now: Ancient Egypt, Altamont Speedway 1969, Newport Jazz Festival 1956 (or 1955 or 1960, for that matter), Sportsman's Park 1944.

Four bloggers you are tagging: Alex brought up (quite astutely, at that) that I neglected to say "no tagbacks." He himself ALSO failed to do so, and therefore, I'm tagging mansford (AGAIN!), vwjou, starazor, and sparky_b. NO TAGBACKS!

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