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So last night was a tad strange.

First I got in town from California around 5:00PM. Well, that's when I got back to my place, anyway. I think. I'm not really 100% on that, maybe it was more like 6:00PM. Who cares? I dropped Al off and went home. I noticed that the door wasn't locked, but that it was deadbolted. I came inside, and noticed that the door was also cracked near the doorknob. My first thought was that someone had broken in, or tried to do so, but I looked around and saw that our television and some other relatively expensive things were firmly in place. Later, Amanda showed up to tell me that Sara, upon hearing of her best friend's death, had left some stuff cooking as she ran out the door. This nearly caused a fire, or prob'ly it did cause a fire, and the Fire Department showed up, broked the door down, and put it out. It did smell a little like burning something-or-other, I'd noticed upon originally entering. Well, whatever. I thought about a nap, but felt I should unpack first and did so. Then Ron arranged to come over and pick up some Mustardfish CDs on the way to the Surkranikhan show. He did so, and interrupted the short nap I'd been taking, which I fell back into briefly before waking up to go to some party. I was really just interested in getting wasted. 32 hours is a long time in the car. Anyway, I woke up, showered, grabbed two Skyy Blues and a bottle of Ballatore Gran Spumante, and headed to Gary's across the street, where the party was supposed to be. I've never been to this place before, and it was sorta confusing, cuz apparently there's no useable front entrance. He lives right across the damned street, though, but I heard no loud music or talking to indicate party going-on. So I dropped the champagne off in my car, which was parked closer to Gary's than my place, and went back home. I called Lexie from there, to see if they were already at the party, or what, and apparently they'd only just left a party at Aaron Crozier's, of which I remained unaware to this particular point. Well, they were nearing my place, so they just picked me up (John Hancock III driving with Lexie in the front seat), and Megan & Tim were following in Megan's car; Megan said hello, but I was in some strange mood, and I just sorta got in the car without returning the "hello" (which, if you know anything about me, is a considerable offense). I got in, drove a whopping fifty yards or so, then got out. Apparently, the only entrance to the party was through the back, which I didn't know. I went in and sat down for awhile, and it seemed that no one person came through this door twice, yet people kept passing through. "How big is this place?" I thought. Well, before I really found out, Lexie and I went back to my place to use the bathroom and for me to get more drinks. When we returned to the party, Megan & Tim had left, and apparently Megan was all mad at Lexie. More on that later. The party was all strange, and mostly populated by characters I didn't know, save for Drywall, Eraserhead, Peat Henry, Lil' Pete, Casey, Lexie, and John Hancock III. Some Mario dude who works at Vinyl was there, too, and so was some other schmuck I'd met at some McCaul party. It was all right, though, and I drank the whole sixer of Skyy Blue and some of the Champagne as well. John and Lexie left, and I followed like five seconds later.

This morning, I woke up with a hangover of sorts and called Jaffa and Megan to see if they wanted to go to this Alice et Martin movie that was playing for free over at WashU. Jaffa had to work (as she EVENTUALLY found out) and Megan (to no real surprise) didn't answer her phone. So, I set out walking to Brown Hall, and showed up, and watched the movie, which was strange and interesting and all right. Then I called Kyle and he picked me up and we went to Wild Horse Mobil with Kyle's neighbor/sound hotshot Matt and Zack Bauersox and Jon Waters. We staged a gas station robbery and got it on film, and then we went back to Kyle's to do some sound bits and also to shoot one last thing for my own film project (The Man Without A Clue). Then Kyle took me home, and I watched The Buena Vista Social Club and fell asleep shortly thereafter.

I was awoken by the ringing of the phone, which turned out to be a rather upset and apparently migrained version of Megan. It sorta sucked, but I hope some shit got all worked out or whatever. Some of it had to do with the lack of interaction between us last night, but mainly it was just a return to my phone call from nine hours earlier, I guess. Let's just say, it was pretty bad, and I felt terrible.

Then I finally took the big comforter I've been using as a curtain pretty much since I moved in, and changed it for the thing I've been using on my bed. Also, I re-hung some posters that had fallen during my vacation and shit. I didn't really get a whole lot done, and mainly I've just been boning around online, but whatever. I should really get around to doing this French homework that's been assigned all week long. Knowing me, I'll just attempt to wake up early tomorrow instead and do it then, prob'ly running out of time in the process. That seems like a big "who cares?" though.

Hayden's coming to town on 04/15/02, but unfortunately, it's to a 21+ place, and furthermore, I believe it's on a Monday night, which means school. School on Monday and Tuesday nights is going to prevent me from attending a handful of shows this semester. Fucks McGee.

Hopefully I can get some editing done this week. Furthermore, hopefully I can edit the sound into Gonna Be Late.

If any of you are in San Francisco before September, make sure you go to see the Musée Mécanique. It's closing down then, unfortunately. I think I'd come to think of that place as one of the most magical locations in the world. Have I said this already? Prob'ly. If you aren't planning on going to San Francisco before September, change your plans, shithead.

Oh, and Ron, that shit about this being the best LiveJournal entry ever? That was just bogus.

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