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At The Behest Of The Dane Of Lawder

Okay crap it is MEME time WHA?!TT?!~

Four jobs you have had in your life: Book Factory Worker, Taco-Maker, Sound Board Operator, Rocker-Outer

Four movies you could watch over and over: Wayne's World, Jump Tomorrow, Rushmore, and Back To The Future II (Man, that's pretty heavy on recent stuff...what an uncultured boob I truly am! Well, I just picked the first four that came to mind; rest assured I'd have reached farther back than freakin' 1989 if I'd gone on). Actually since Jesse said Wayne's World already, I'll say The Kids Are Alright instead.

Four places you've lived: Earth, The Milky Way; The Western Hemisphere; University City, Missouri; Vallejo, California

Four TV shows you love to watch: Monk, Carnivále, The Tick (animated, NOT live action), Jeopardy!

Four places you've been on vacation: Toronto, Ontario, Canada; London, England, United Kingdom; The Center Of My Mind Geneva, Switzerland; Columbia, Missouri, USA

Four websites you visit daily: IMDb, Juno WebMail, Pat Walsh's "blog", St. Louis Film Forum

Four of your favorite foods: cottage cheese, ice cream, éclairs, popcorn

Four places you'd rather be right now: The planet Vulcan, the Chisolm Trail (circa 1866), St. Louis in 1904, Hamburger Heaven (the actual place, not the fast food joint)

Four bloggers you are tagging: mansford, songbill, madscientist, and hcl. Who wants to bet that not even ONE of these people actually does it (as these people are split between people that never update their own journals, and people that don't likely ever check mine, or in most or maybe all of their cases, a combination of both)?

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