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Nina Of The Pinta

So yesterday Jesse Lawder and his sister picked up Al and I and we went into San Francisco. First we took a cruise around the bay, then we went to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for lunch or whatever on Pier 39. It was pretty boss. Afterwards, Al and I got waffle cones at some place while Jesse's sister went to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Store right next door. She came out and was like "Doesn't one of you know French?" and I was like "Uhh, yeah" and apparently some French folks were having trouble communicating to the Ghirardelli worker dude. Well, apparently they just wanted to know how much this one box of candy weighed, and I translated and shit; it was pretty cool, I guess. Reckon I'd been building up all morning since I listened to the little headset thing on the bay cruise in French (it was offered in English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese). Then last night I watched a movie called The Magic Fruits and apparently it was someone from Webster's senior overview (someone I don't know by the name of Inga Palmquist). It was pretty bad-ass and reminded me a lot of Aaron Crozier's Liontown (it was, in fact, Aaron that had sent me the E-Mail telling me to watch it--he also assistant directed this film). I couldn't tell, cuz the audio was sorta bad (and so was the visual; I couldn't really read the credits that well), but I think the voice that narrated the story might have been Jon Waters's. Also, I think the star actress in the film was also in Rebecca Ormond (my Film I professor)'s "Fix-it Ticket" film, and the main male actor was in Liontown itself. At any rate, it was pretty bad-ass, and you can all watch it if you want at http://www.ifilm.com. For the exact link, contact me sometime.

Today, I woke up and in my head, wrote a film project that Al and I subsequently filmed in San Francisco (yes, it was a pretty site-specific idea). We used the two rolls of Reversal Tri-X I brought to film it, and filmed some other shit in the city, and it was pretty great. Hopefully it turns out well...hell, I could prob'ly use this instead of the Chess film for a Film II project, if it turns out! Of course, I've never used this camera before, and one of the rolls of film was given to me by Jaffa, and was leftover from when she took Film I. So, who knows? It was fun. Then we drove around trying to find Seal Beach, but the roads in San Francisco are like a labyrinth. Eventually, we just came back here. We'll make a big day of San Francisco tomorrow, I reckon. Al wanted to do something tonight in Hayward, I thought, but he hasn't come downstairs yet, and I was watching Blues Brothers 2000, but then I was like "Ahh, it's computer time."

Also earlier today, my car was allegedly fixed. I think the anti-freeze that Al and I put in it before embarking may've helped quite a bit; also, this Mike guy (that Bill takes his car to) gave it a general "tune-up" and he couldn't get it to do anything wrong either. I can only hope that my car startup problems are over. It didn't bother us any between Oklahoma and here, and so far it's worked fine here. Cross your fingers for me.

At any rate, I think we've decided to leave here on Friday morning, really early...say 6:00AM or so. That should put us in St. Louis around 4:00PM on Saturday, and therefore I can prob'ly go to the Surkranikhan release show. If I'm not feeling up for that, I can still go to this party that's happening across the street from where I live, I guess. Or I can just pass out and sleep 'til the next afternoon. Reckon that, since I'm not going to work on Sunday, I'll hit that French movie at WashU. Then I have to help Kyle with his film in the later part of the afternoon; God knows I owe him at least some help, and at most, all the help I can possibly give. He wants to shoot at Wild Horse Mobil, though, which is why I sort of have to be present. I don't know how this is gonna work out. We'll see.

So to date, I have made six films, four of which are incomplete:

  • Fair Fare Taxi Cab Company Commercial

  • Gonna Be Late

  • Checkmate-less

  • The Look Of...

  • The Man Without A Clue

  • Lombard Street

Yeah, bo-ring, I know.

List of things to do between now and tomorrow night:

-Chinatown, to get some of that great rice-wrapper candy
-Thrift stores in San Francisco, to satiate Al's need, or whatever
-Seal Beach, to see the Musée Mécanique and so Al can dip his feet in the Pacific
-A 76 station, to get one of those rock 'n' roll antenna balls
-Some Grocery or Candy Stores to see if they've got Abba-Zabbas or Yodels for Coire
-San Francisco, maybe just to walk around aimlessly for awhile
-MapQuest, to get directions back to St. Louis

Yeah, I hope I haven't forgotten anything, though it seems as though I have.

Also, we re-dyed my hair last night.

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