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Last night was the redux SLIFF St. Louis Shorts screening; the turnout was what I'd call "pathetic." Still, some folks who hadn't seen 'er yet (Jaffa, Jess, Rob Ruzicka) got to see it. Matt Wicks (or as I sometimes like to think of him, Mattwix) didn't show up 'til 9:00PM and so he only saw like the last two movies. Oops!

Anyway today I found out that Pour Chaque «Non» made it into another festival! You can read more about it by going to Pancake Productions Online Headquarters and clicking on the little pancake at the top that says Movies (or by following this last link directly). On the page you're on now, I've been keeping a journal of sorts that relates strictly to Pancake Productions movies! So, if you are interested in what's up with PCN or other Pancake Productions, bookmark that bad boy and check it out every once in awhile. I've had a lot of news to report recently, but as the dates in the journal show, that isn't always the case. As of now, no system for E-Mail notification of update is foreseeable (hah, hah).

Also we get to leave at NOON today instead of 3:00PM or 4:00PM as they had predicted yesterday, WAHOO!
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