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Here's a Journal Entry I've been meaning to make for awhile now. I've got some time here in good ol' California, so here it goes: An alphabetical list, to be used as a key/legend, and to be updated, and complete with links and descriptions, of my friends, of the people I come into contact with on a regular basis, of what one might call the "regulars" of my life. Some of them tend primarily towards online acquaintance, unfortunately. Some of them drift in and out of regular contact, in fact. However, these are the people that I'll be mentioning on regular basis in LJ. Use this to refer back to if I've mentioned someone whose name you don't recognize. Oh, and if I forget anyone, I'm sorry, but it's bound to happen, and I can always edit the entry. Buckle up:

  • Aharonov, Jaffa: One of the most helpful people I've ever met. Not to mention, sweet, funny, adorable, and a pretty impeccable musical taste. I'm pretty sure she's taken, though, folks. She's a former film major, current photo major at Webster University, and I met her in the class "Film Appreciation" a few semesters ago. Jaffa rocks. Don't forget it.

  • Belaidi, Samir: Moroccan by nationality, Russian by birth, American by citizenship, and quintilingual by...well, language. He speaks Russian, Arabic, English, Spanish, and French. A co-worker at the gas station. In his late 30s.A generally good guy, until he gets mad. Boy howdy, you'd do best to get out of his way in that case!

  • Bursik, Travis: Hotshot I met through Padt Weston (see below) from UMSL, recently seen rather often on the local music scene. Also known as Simon Newcomb of recording fame.

  • Casper, Heather: Padt Weston's (see below) girlfriend. The first time I ever met her was at a Halloween party, and she was supposed to be Britney Spears. As much as I've ever observed, hospitable and amiable.

  • Evans, Brad: Always a lot of fun to hang out with. Martha's long-distance boyfriend and often seen in various Maplewood locales. Graduated from Webster University's art department (mostly, anyway) last May.

  • Fogarty, Martha: Prob'ly one of the only non-current St. Louis residents on this list. Attends art school in Rhode Island. Girlfriend of Brad Evans. Best phone voice I know. Former WU student. Supposedly (that is, self-proclaimed yet never proven personally) matchmaker.

  • Heitert, Tim: Even though he screwed up my parking brake the night I met him, he's still a pretty rad dude. Extremely goofy, and a genuine jokester.

  • Kajok, Nick: A guy I attended middle- and High School with, who later reappeared in my life as a co-worker at Wild Horse Mobil a handful of months ago. A nice guy, he attended Xmas Round II for the duration of Padt Weston's set. He used to be good friends with Padt Weston (we're talkin', like, 7th grade here).

  • Kanevsky, Sara: Our sometimes-roommate who does an awful lot of domestic travel for her job with Americorps. Possesses a triple degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia. A somehow oft-goofy yet real no-nonsense original.

  • Kleinberg, Matt: Art major at WU. Roommate of Adam Neal. Extremely funny, outgoing, always a great conversationalist. Say hello if you see him.

  • Korba, Lexie: With Megan McCaul (see below) one of the two most rock 'n' roll grrrls anywhere, but especially in the greater St. Louis area, and even more especially, in Maplewood.

  • Lawder, Jesse: In the WU Conservatory, but somehow removed from it. Funny. Intelligent. Cool.

  • Link, Amanda: Hannah Wolfe's roommate and one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. I think Amanda has one of the greatest female sarcastic voices I know.

  • Mayer, Kyle: Mostly lazy, but an extremely comforting presence and an all-around easy-going dude. Roommates with Coire Reilly and a fellow film major at WU.

  • McCaul, Megan: Her roommate is Lexie Korba (see above). She's a frequent star of my film projects, and an all-around bad-ass, if you ask me.

  • McLaughlin, Matt: Our newest roommate and Amanda (Thomas)'s boyfriend. Known to wear cool hats and a generally helpful and cool guy.

  • Olson, Russ: Lived on my floor Freshman year. Illustration major. Funny. Smart. Creative. Cool. We're supposed to make an animated feature together.

  • Ravas III, Joe: JRIII is one of the more tolerable workers at Wild Horse Mobil. In addition, he's the only non-Mustardfish member employee thereof that owns a copy of our CD release, "Stage Presence Not Included."

  • Reilly, Coire: Roommate of Kyle Mayer and frequent concert-going companion. Cool guy, if overly dramatic at times (I could say the same about a lot of people on this list, and furthermore, myself). Creative Writing major at WU with intent on graduation this spring.

  • Samul, Ryan: He was my TA for Film I before he was more of a friend. A real local hotshot as far as cinematography goes. Sometimes hard to read, but more generally pretty great.

  • Schulman, Jim: Incredibly nice guy in spite of frat-boy tendencies. Loud but sometimes funny.

  • Seratti, Jessica: Before I'd met Jessica, Kyle (Mayer) described her to myself and Hannah (Wolfe) as a mixture of the two of us (Hannah and I). Whether or not he was being serious is beyond me, but I might have to disagree. Even though she's a loud-mouthed hippie, though, she's all right.

  • Severson, RØB: This is me, stupid.

  • Thiermann, Andrew: Some Anglo-American dude who likes to spell simple words wrong. Who cares, though? We still like 'im all right. After all, he put us up while we were stranded in Belgium with no other place to go. Mainly an online acquaintance, he appeared in the Mustardfish documentary with his friend Johnathan Strange, in the only footage of said documentary that was shot in Chicago.

  • Thomas, Amanda: My roommate, whom I've known since High School. A self-proclaimed francophile with intent on establishment of foreign (more particularly French) residency sometime this year. Known since junior year of High School.

  • Valadié, Flora: French teacher from Toulouse. Extremely hip for a teacher, which could be due to her being right around a mere year older than myself. Très gentile.

  • Warner, Ron: Co-member of Mustardfish and general Squid hotshot dude. Also a co-worker at Wild Horse Mobil.

  • Waters, Jonathan: Not to be confused with the only slightly more famous film director Jon Waters, Jonathan "Jon" Waters is a film major at Webster University. He's a real lady-killer and an all-around hilarious dude.

  • Weston, Padt: I'm the only one who spells his first name with a "D" anymore. I've known him since middle school as well. Heather Casper is his girlfriend/roommate.

  • Withington, Nick: Known at different times as "Rowolf," "Movie Colin," and most recently, " 'Bocker" (as in "Nicky Nickerbocker"), Nick's a co-worker who attends High School at Chaminade (or some such local private school). He's an all right dude.

  • Wolfe, Hannah: Roommate of Amanda Link and, like her roommate, one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. Also a die-hard Mustardfish fan.

  • Young, Jason: Dude from Middle and High School, even went to WU for a year. Used to work at Wild Horse Mobil, even; now he divides his time between doing absolutely nothing and working at a bank.

  • Younger, Alex: Mustardfish's biggest fan. Actor with the WU Conservatory. Frequent road-trip company. Commonly seen in my film projects.

  • Zhou, Hong: Advisor at school and Film II instructor from China. Great guy, yet slightly difficult to understand at various times.

This is all I can think of for now. As more people come to me, I'll add them here. Obviously, I've left out most or all of my co-workers and all of my family members, and maybe I'll add them later, too. If you think that you've been mistakenly forgotten as far as this list is concerned, lemme know and I'll see what I can do about adding you.

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