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In case you skipped that last entry cuz it was too long, and for what it's worth:
My movie, Pour Chaque «Non», was named best St. Louis Short Film.
So that's all the more reason for all of you (especially people that worked on it in some capacity) to come and see it tomorrow evening, ESPECIALLY especially if you haven't seen it yet, you slackers. Give a hoot, already! It's FREE (that's zero dollars--no "suggested donation," either). It's AT A REASONABLE TIME (7:00PM). It's CENTRALLY LOCATED (Winifred Moore Auditorium at 470 East Lockwood Avenue in Webster Groves). It's at ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO SEE MOVIES IN TOWN (no other theatre to my knowledge offers two armrests for EACH seat or the rock-back-and-forth-style chairs, and since I don't like Stadium Seating, it's even better for me). And it just won an AWARD. So you've been left without excuses. I'm gonna be pushy about this one to make up for all the modesty and half-hearted suggestion that goes on the remainder of the year.
Just come see it already.
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