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Soap Ladder Park

So the latter part of this week was worth a mention, I reckon.

Thursday night, I had thought about going to Columbia to catch that part of the Death (Cab For Cutie) and Dismemberment (Plan) tour, since my original plan had been to be out of town by Friday night. Well, as the day wore on, I decided that'd be less and less of a good idea. I went over to Brad's to pick up my camera that I'd lent him a few weeks before, and we ended up candidly showing up at Megan & Lexie's. Someone there mentioned a 90 Day Men show, and I was like "What? Tonight?" and sure enough, that was the case. So, Brad and I left for a couple of hours to get coffee and just shoot the shit, and when I returned (Brad went home), we went to see the 90 Day Men at the Rocket Bar. And who should be playing on stage as I show up, but good ol' Jason Sim and Casey Delf, as part of some band I've not yet heard about. They had two drummers, and their name was some Latin thing (for "in the middle," I believe), and you can find out what it is in Travis's LiveJournal. We only heard the last few of their songs, but gawd, they rocked. Next came the Guns of Navarro, who didn't really do much for me, but they were friends of John Keating's who'd shown up at that show. I also saw Travis there. Jason Young was up front when we arrived, but he left after his friends played. It was a pretty bitchin' show all around; Glasses Dude was even there! I picked up an LP and a button and a Peel Sessions CD of the 90 Day Men. Then Megan & Lexie and I went to Uncle Bill's for awhile, then I went back to my parents' house, cuz I was supposed to give my mother a ride to the airport in the morning. When I got there, she was still awake, preparing some gift for my father's surprise (I hope he doesn't read this) 50th surprise birthday party. Well, she took me to Autotire so my car could be looked at first thing in the morning when they opened (it was 3:00AM already), and then I slept for about three hours from 4:00AM-7:00AM.

I woke up, took my mother to the airport, dropped off the gift that she'd been preparing at the party locale, and went back home to sleep from 8:30AM-10:00AM or so. Greg from Autotire called (Greg the Head Mechanic, that is; not to be confused with Greg Vedvig, who runs the desk and stuff). Apparently they couldn't get my car to do anything wrong, which was kind of a bummer, since I KNOW that something's wrong with it (now more than ever, in fact), but I just used my parents' van all day anyway (it sorta sucked, just cuz it drives all funny nowadays). My mother also called, to let me know that yes, in fact, I did have to pick her and my father up at the airport at midnight that night. I went to school, then to a French Conversation Table, where I was made the butt of more than one joke, and then to McDonalds with Ron, and because of all this, I kind of screwed Kyle out of shooting his film project, which I still feel bad for, but hopefully he's not too sore. Coire and I went to look for Death&Dismemberment tickets, but the on-campus Schnucks is not a Metrotix outlet, just a Ticketmaster outlet (what the hell?). So I went home to get the camera that'd been checked out to Kyle's name thus disallowing him from shooting, and Coire went to get the tickets at some other Schnucks. Well, they were sold out, and a call to the Creepy Crawl revealed that showing up prob'ly wouldn't be worth it. I checked out all the equipment I'd need for my film shoot on Saturday from the media center, and then stopped by to pick Coire up, cuz we decided we were gonna go see what we could do anyhow. We stopped by Megan & Lexie's to drop the equipment off, and Megan was leaving for the Distillers/Necromantics/Tiger Army/Nineteen show at the Galaxy, but Lexie was interested in coming with us. Coire, Lexie, and I went to the Creepy Crawl, where the line was long and the outlook bleak (though I saw Travis again...this time he didn't make it). We got all the way up to the table, and on the way there, someone had handed back a ticket they couldn't use. We had one ticket. Coire ran back in line to see if there were any others, but no dice. When we got to the table, Lexie told some cock-and-bull story about how she had a ticket, but she couldn't get in if her driver and her other friend couldn't, but the guy wouldn't let us. I asked if he'd take a bribe, also to no avail. Well, disheartened we left, but as we did so, I called out to the line of waiting people: "I have one ticket! Anyone need one ticket?" and some people were like "Yeah, get ______, he'll prob'ly want it" and then we found ______, and sure enough, he wanted it, and as I gave it to him, he stuffed a $20 bill in my hand, and then gave the three of us CDs by some Revolutionary somethin'-or-other band that apparently shares a bassist with Death Cab For Cutie.

With our newfound twenty dollars, and with nothing to do, we went to the Galaxy, but tickets to that show were ten bucks (just as expensive as the Death&Dismemberment show...???), so we just stood around for awhile, and then Peat Henry and Drywall (George Gittens) and Eraserhead (Gary _______) showed up, and we said hello, then left. Some strange people were congregating in line in front of the Galaxy just then. We ended up going back to Coire & Kyle's, but not really doing anything. Later, Veronica and some other folks showed up, but they were going to some half-party at the Webster Village Apartments. I took Lexie home, then we decided to go to Tiffany's. On our way from her car to the diner, Brad Evans was walkin' up, and he joined us. Eventually, he left, then Lexie and I went back to her place, from which she was planning on going to some barbecue at Brady's, but I had to pick up my parents at the airport. It had started to rain.

When I got to the airport (driving, mind you, my nearly-undrivable parents' van, as I'd been doing all night), I looped around the pickup area once and went back to land in the 5-minute pickup line. It was approximately 12:26AM, and their flight was to have gotten in at midnight. I waited, waited, waited for a sonic gift, and waited some more, until it was like 1:05AM. I looped around once more for good measure, and set out to find a payphone that I didn't have to park in expensive parking to use. I found one at a gas station (Amoco, I think) on St. Charles Rock Road. It was torrentially raining by this time. I ran inside to get change for the payphone, since all I had was a twenty. Ran back out to the payphone (umbrella in the van was totally f-ed up), and called my parents' cell phone. No answer, so I left some message of myself screaming at the top of my lungs about how frustrated I was and how irresponsible they were. Then I called my own number to check the messages, and there were four: One from Ben Abel, for my roommate Sara, one from my mother that said that they didn't need a ride from the airport (left around 11:22PM), one from Jaffa saying she couldn't help me with my film project on Saturday, and one from Matt, my sound guy, that wasn't very revealing, but was likely along the same lines as Jaffa's (I later found out that it was). Well, after I hung up the phone, I just stood there, my backside getting wet (the rain was coming from the side, basically), and more furious than I've been in a very long time. In essence, I had left the company of my friends to do something I wasn't keen on doing (remember: if I'd gotten in to the show, I might have had to leave that early as well), only to find that I didn't have to do it anyway, and here I'd done more than my share of driving this car I didn't want to be driving, but I couldn't very well leave it at Autotire with nobody to pick it up, could I? So there I was, getting very wet, and very frustrated already. I screamed at the top of my lungs and started pounding on the phone, yelling expletives and basically making myself hoarse. I got in the car and drove to my parents' house, where my mother met me at the door. I told her that someone had better come with me right then to go to Autotire, or I'd go alone and leave it up to them to get there the following day to pick up the van. She finally got in the van, and she was trying to talk to me, but I couldn't think straight, I was so furious. I think that, with relative ease, that night was the most frustrated, angry, and fed up I've been with anything in a long time. At very least, it's the most I've been of those things this year.

Saturday, I woke up pretty early, cuz I had to prepare to make a film project. I got to Megan & Lexie's (where we were gonna be shooting) at around 11:15AM, and Lexie was there, which I noted as strange, given that she had to work at 10:00AM. Apparently her car had broken down in Richmond Heights and she had to get it towed and stuff, so she'd called in. I gave her a ride to her car, and then returned to find Megan awake. We walked to Shop 'n' Save (since, at this point, I didn't really have a crew upon which I was counting on showing up, and I really didn't expect Kyle to wake up or come over without a phone call). Then we got back and I started setting up. The DAT recorder didn't want to work, as I found, so we went to the media center. The guy there fixed it, and saw Kyle on the way to the Media Center, driving towards us, and he met us in the media center. Apparently, he woke up, and since it was later than I'd told him, he assumed that we'd had trouble and had headed for the media center. If only he'd left like three minutes later, he'd have met us there with perfect timing. Well, we all three returned to Megan's, to which Lexie had apparently gotten a ride. So, we started to shoot, and Brad came over, then we were to find that our battery belt was again broken, which came as no REAL surprise, since I don't think I've had a shoot where the battery belt worked fine (and I had already had to get the backup battery belt changed, since, the night before, when I checked the stuff out, the first one they gave me hadn't worked). We got back, Brad was gone, we started shooting, and were finished rather a lot earlier than we thought we'd be. It was only like 5:00PM or so. Kyle took a load of stuff back (Thanks Kyle), and we took the rest, and then went to find something to eat (I was treating Lexie and Megan for helping me, and would have treated Kyle too, but he had stuff to do). We went to the Fondue place in the Loop, but they were full (and prob'ly too expensive, judging by the menu they let us see). We went to Cicero's, but by this time it was like 6:30PM and we were going to this "Person 1" art show/concert/theatrical thing at Crowe T. Brooks, where we wanted to be by 7:30PM. There was a half hour wait at Cicero's, and it'd have been another long long time before we got our food there, so we just went to the Bread Co. We met Ben Corbeta (that's not his real name, but his assumed name from his band, Corbeta Corbata) there, and I drove the lot of us to the show downtown, where we saw such folks as Brad Evans and Aaron Crozier and Jeff Hedrick and a bunch of other familiar folks that hang with that general crowd whose last names I generally don't know (Dan, Suzanne, Ty, et c.). We saw Phallus Chalice and the Conformists and some other bands play, and as they all did so, some actors did some maskwork in front of them. The bands were generally good (save for a few...there were only about seven bands total anyway), but the maskwork tended towards lameness, I think. I called Al from Lexie's cell phone as the two of us waited for Megan and Ben to get out of there, and he was a little flustered, and I apologized, and told him we'd be leaving for California soon. After that, my car wouldn't start (surprise, surprise), and then Jeff and Aaron came out, and Lexie and I were talking to them for awhile as Megan and Ben stayed in the car, and then Aaron gave us a jump and it seemed to work. I took the three of them back to Ben's car at Bread Co. and went home. I got ready, and met Al at his place, dropped off some film for Kyle, got my Dad's trenchcoat from Kyle, and Al and I left, after first stopping off at my parents' house to drop off the coat and to pick up some of my laundry. Then we stopped by Wildwood Amoco, where, to no surprise, Nicky Shelledy (AKA Nick Kajok) was hanging out, and that John guy was working, and then Sam Marshall, of all people, showed up. It was Nuts McGee.

So then we started driving (after having some trouble starting the car, and adding anti-freeze, thinking that that might be the problem), at around 3:00AM, and arrived in California today at 11:00AM local time (approximately). So, in fact, the trip was about a 32 hour drive, as opposed to the 40-hour drive MapQuest told us it'd be, and in closer accordance with the 30 hours we (for whatever reason) thought it'd be originally. So here we are, Grandma made us some breakfast on our arrival, and then we slept, and Al is still asleep for all I know, and my Grandma and Step-Grandfather just got back from where they were. Okay, it's dinner time. This is a long entry, to no surprise of any of you, I'm sure. Enjoy.

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