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Bizarro Talayna's

Is it just me, or was Talayna's like a completely different world last night from the previous week?

1) None of the servers or bartenders who were there last week were there this week. It was all different people.

2) The karaoke girl was different.

3) The guy that led us to our table laughed at me when I asked for a bucket of PBR, as if it was completely insane to assume that a place of Talayna's caliber (a strip-club-turned-karaoke-bar, for whom pizza is but a second thought, by all appearances), even though Ron and Dan got some just one week ago. I told the guy this and he was like "we don't have it." It's like uhh what?

4) D. Mike and Phil's pizzas were like mutant-looking. Phil's looked as though it was a pizza cropped in half, with only one half appearing on the tray he got. D. Mike's was something resembling ovular, as opposed to the circular pizza that we got. The crust on our pizza was thinner than usual, though, I noticed. Maybe they were running low on dough. The waitress didn't explain that one away very well, I didn't think--she just chalked it up to the cook's temperament or something. What?

5) That guy who was our "host" initially or whatever was just weird; he seemed to want to make a big deal out of all sorts of stuff that wasn't a big deal, and was grilling us about whether we'd be singing as if we'd be kicked out if we didn't. Also, he lied to Will that there was a three drink minimum (the menu says it's two), but then he never really had to buy anything after all.

6) Even though last week Ron was charged full price for that pizza (which he successfully disputed), this week the waitress said that the pizzas were cheaplisted during the week until midnight (the 9:00PM time shown on the menu is just for weekends).

It was very strange, I wouldn't have recognized the damned place if it wasn't for the kitschy Rat Pack and Elvis decorations, the horrid pink and blue neon lighting running around the upper walls, and the "in-the-round" stripper-style stage.

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