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Hopefully, the "stuff I do" list for tomorrow will look something like this:

-Parents' House to do Laundry
-Autotire to get Car Fixed
-Parents' House to do Laundry
-Early to school to give Pat Walsh his band's drumstuff back
-Parents' House to do Laundry
-Burger City
-Parents' House to do Laundry
-Parents' House to do Laundry

Yes, of course that many Laundry-times in one day may prove unnecessary, but then again, not all of them are certain to occur. I also have to get gas at some point, but that's a whatever.

When I got home from the show tonight, JT had called me. I was wondering what his phone number is. Now I reckon I can call him.

So tonight was the benefit concert for Grumboon, and it was pretty great. Phallus Chalice and the BaySayBoos were both pretty righteous, and Snatch Patch wasn't really worth mentioning either way. Some people who were there:

-Brad Evans
-Ryan Samul
-Ron Warner
-Lexie Korba
-Glasses Dude (Niles)
-Video Dude Joe
-Other Tivoli Dude (from the A Clockwork Orange night)
-Marcus Freeman
-Jeff Hedrick
-Jessica Podewell

Yeah, it was some crazy mix of folks, but it was a good time all around, and Aaron Crozier was dressed like some hotshot. I sold two copies of Stage Presence Not Included, too! To make matters better, some girl working at the Hi-Pointe had a Breeders shirt on, and she told me that their new album is out May 21st, then gave me a hug! Just for likin' the Breeders!

Since I walked to the Hi-Pointe from my place (it took about 35-40 minutes, for those interested), I had to find a ride home, but I figured that since I had some Rocket Sauce for Ryan, he'd be willing. Sure enough, after the show, Brad and Ron and I went to get food at a certain nearby unmentionable and mostly worthless Taco joint, and then Brad went back into the Hi-Pointe while I waited for him to talk to Ryan and then the three of us did a bunch of nothing before Ryan took me home. At the end of the night, I've got a handful of Phallus Chalice labels, a Phallus Chalice mini-poster, two CDs sold, and a headache.

Earlier, when I came home from school, I checked the mail and there was an airmail envelope from Lise Johnson. It contained nothing but a hemp bracelet with some wacky beads on it. No message or anything. I started to write a letter to Lise before I had to leave in time for the show (I walked, remember?)

And before that still, I was at school, and when I went to my car, it wouldn't start, as it seems so fond of doing of late. I walked around, Ron wasn't home and neither was Russ, and then I ran into Stacy Auch, and she tried to give me a jump, but it didn't work, either. Since I had nowhere to be, really, 'til the show tonight, I walked aimlessly around campus, slept in my car some, and then went to Hannah and Amanda's, where Amanda made some pasta dinner for myself and Immanuel and Alex (who had come over). Amanda, her boyfriend Jason who was there, and Immanuel left to go see someone talk about Israeli-Pakistani relations, or something, which I'd have attended were it not for the show. Hannah came back shortly before those three left, then Al and I left sometime later so he could give me a jump, in the event that I still needed it. I didn't, so we briefly discussed California, and I left.

To go back further in the day, and make this entry more like Memento with each passing paragraph, in film class, we got our color projects back, and mine looked awesome, and Hong more or less agreed. Somehow the camera I used had sort of screwed up the sprocketholes, though, but it should be usable. There was some note on my container of film, and it's a good thing the place had decided to process it after all, cuz I opened it up, not knowing that often times, they won't develop it when they send it back with notes and whatnot. Phew!

Before school, I paid my rent. Not too exciting.

I had a big breakfast with a cinnamon-raisin English Muffin, a Mozarella Omelet, a Grapefruit, and a glass of Orange Juice.

The End/The Beginning.

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