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Lids Vs. Maps

Friday night: Jessica Seratti's birthday party at the ol' Jungle Juice house on Oxford. I went with Megan & Lexie, and then Ron showed up, and I saw lots of folks I knew like Kyle Wardell and Jim Schulman and Jessica herself and "Raver" Rob and William (AKA Denim Dude #2). Then, Megan & Lexie decided they were having some lousy time, which wasn't far from the truth for myself as well, so they decided to make their own party at their own place. The three of us drove back there and so did Ron and then Drywall and Peat Henry and lil' Pete and Casey and Brad came over and it was pretty funny. Reckon I was the last person there; I left around 5:30AM, about a half hour before the time that I'd intended to wake up anyhow.

Instead of waking up at that time, I slept 'til 10:00AM or so, then decided that getting up was a good idea since I had a film to shoot. I made some phone calls and showered and a little later, we shot some close-ups and recorded some sound. That night I went to see the school play, Blood Wedding, which I ended up having to tape cuz some other jackass wouldn't. I taped it, which disallowed me from watching the show all that closely, but from what I did see, I don't think I'd care much for it. I mean, I could tell you the story, but I was more concerned with framing the video thing than anything. Had I known the video was basically going to go without an audience forever, and that it was basically purely for archival reasons, I'd prob'ly have just turned it on, sat down, and watched the show. Whatever. At least I saw it. After that, I checked out some more gook from the media center and took it home and then returned to Al's place where he and Jesse and I had some food and drinks and I passed out cuz I was so tired (I'd only had two drinks).

Sunday morning Al woke me up and I left and started getting ready for the supposed "big" shooting day. We started at half past one PM or so, and while I was at the media center, I saw Brian from Film class checking some gook out and asked him if he could help me, cuz a lot of people I'd called I was unable to get a hold of or otherwise were unable to help me. We shot some outdoor shots, and it was cold, but it blew cuz we hardly got anything else since we kept having equipment trouble. First, the DAT wouldn't work correctly, then the battery belt was all messed up, and who-knows-what. Eventually, we just gave up and decided ultimately that we're gonna try again on this coming Saturday (yes, that means that California is postponed a day or two). Another big boner is that I was about ¼ of the way through shooting this 400-foot reel of film, and as it turns out, you can't turn the camera back in without both magazines, so I had Kyle call in and reserve it after my time with it was up, which would give me enough time to go to class and tell everyone in class (since our class is pretty much the only one that uses these cameras) not to use the Black camera, and if they did, to talk to me first. I'll be doing that tomorrow, after I pay rent (barely on time).

Tomorrow night is the big Phallus Chalice, BaySayBoos, and Snatch Patch show at the Hi-Pointe around 9:00PM. It's a benefit show for Aaron Crozier's new 35mm film Grumboon, and it should be pretty great. At least, it's for a great cause. I've prob'ly talked about this in LJ already, but I think it's important that alla you worthless jokers get out there and help Aaron out. He's a real bad-ass. As for the show, I've heard Phallus Chalice puts on a great one; never the same thing twice with those guys. As for the others, I've heard of Snatch Patch, but am unfamiliar with his (their?) music. Who cares, though? $4.00 21+; $6.00 20-. I've started referring to it as "The Genital Rhyme Show" based on the two bands playing that fit that description.

So today was a really blah day. French class was cool, as usual, and so was Janis Valdés's class, cuz she's a real bad-ass, and all we did was eat pizza and take some easy open book/note final, but everything in between, before, and after was sort of just...who knows? I got pretty drunk last night, and appropriately enough, watched Leaving Las Vegas while doing so. What can I say? It was a lousy day yesterday. REALLY lousy. Well, at least we have something worked out. If we don't finish on Saturday, I think I'll just give up. On life.

So after Janis's class, I made some mix tape for Megan McCaul, and actually it's two mix tapes.

I also finally talked to Pat Walsh of the PTA regarding their drum equipment that I STILL have from XRII (that's right, almost two months ago now). We've arranged to get it back to him. They're playing something like three shows in the next eight days or so. Wish I could go, but looks like I'll be doin' California time (I just made up this time, pretty much; it's a lot like Memphis time, I reckon). When this week is over, I'll be doing better. As for now, I'm stressed about this film shoot hanging over my head, and this juggling of the camera with the media center, and whether I'm going to Columbia on Thursday to see the Dismemberment Plan as I'd like to do, and whatever else. It's killer. Hopefully, and with a little bit of luck, I'll pull through.

I'm nearing ready for bed. LateR.

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