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Roots McGee

So today, I came upon some good news, that was quickly shot down with further bad news.

That's right, it's more about the Le Tigre/They Might Be Giants conflict.

I don't know if I've enumerated this in my journal yet, and I'm too lazy to go back and look, so I'll start from the beginning.

I found out several weeks ago, upon looking at the St. Louis upcoming shows page on PollStar that Le Tigre would be in town (more specifically, at Mississippi Nights) on 03/20/02. This was great news; Le Tigre rocks and shit. Several nights later, I went to the Mall after work to get my ticket. Later on that night, I found out, to my dismay, that They Might Be Giants were to play that same night at the Pageant, here in town, like a whopping four minutes walking distance from my place here. At first, this was a bummer, but then I remembered that TMBG often go to Columbia, MO on their tours as well (in fact, I believe once they went to Columbia and not to STL on a particular tour), and I looked it up immediately. Fortunately, they WERE, in fact, playing the Blue Note in Columbia two days before their show here. I was rather glad of this, until I later came to the self-realization that the 18th of March is not only our first day back to school after Spring Break, but also, a night that I'll have class from like 5:30PM-9:30PM. So that was a bummer. Fortunately, though, I remembered that, when I had looked up concerts in San Francisco for when I'll be there, one of them had been Le Tigre! So, I was happy again; I could see Le Tigre in San Francisco (goin' there over Spring Break), sell my ticket for them at Mississippi Nights, and see TMBG at the Pageant (one of my personal favorite venues in town). Well, upon looking up their shows in San Francisco (yes, in fact, they're playing two shows on one night; one at 5:30PM and one at 8:30PM or something like that), I found that both are sold out. MAN. What a bummer. I don't get to see my boys TMBG (who may have released another album by that point), cuz even though they are, in fact, my boys, I have never seen Le Tigre where I've seen TMBG five times (thrice within just over the past five months). So that was tearing me apart a little. Reckon if I can survive these past few weeks, I'll be able to survive not being able to see TMBG. Even though it f-in' blows.

As for all of you St. Louisans, you oughta get out to the Hi-Pointe on 03/05/02, cuz my boy Aaron Crozier (at least, I like to think he's my boy) is making a new film, and there's a benefit concert for that film's cause at the Hi-Pointe on that date. I believe it starts at 7:00PM, but could be mistaken. Look it up at this website, although the information isn't quite posted yet. Phallus Chalice and apparently one or two other acts will be playing that night, and while I've never seen 'em on account of my not having been born within a given time frame, I hear they're f-in' great from more than one source. So come, to support Aaron, whose Liontown you may've seen at the local filmmakers showcase at the Tivoli over this past summer, or maybe somewhere else, or maybe not at all. It should be cool, though.

Right, so tonight, I saw Proof at the Repertory Theatre, and I thought it was prob'ly one of the three best shows, with Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, that I've ever seen the Rep do (that I can recall currently, anyway). Before that, I was runnin' all around and stuff after class, saw some ETs, went to Megan&Lexie's to figure out some shit about this Saturday and Sunday (if anyone is free either of these days and is interested in helping me, I'd be glad to accept your offer for help), since Megan's going to star (once again) in my film project, and then to Brad's really quick to drop off his birthday gift, and then to the Rep. Afterwards, I hung out with Al and Immanuel for awhile, and talked about dreadlocks and listened to Immanuel do his Jamaican dialect, which was pretty impressive.

Congratulations to the following:
-My roommates Amanda Thomas and Matt McLaughlin for passing their respective portfolio reviews today
-Johnny Cash, for turning 70 today
-Brad Evans, for turning 23 today
-Brad Evans, for having the same birthday as Johnny Cash
-Johnny Cash, for having the same birthday as Brad Evans
-Amanda Link and Jesse Lawder, who both turn 21 on the 27th (which technically it is right now anyway)
-Al Younger, for getting, for the first time in his life, a paid acting job for over the summer
-Surkranikhan, for finally setting a release date and whatnot for their EP, even though I won't make it to the release show due to my being in California
-"Hello," just cuz "Hello" always deserves congratulations...durr

Right, so I think that's it for the congratulations section of our entry here. Also, to add to the concerts interest list, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead are coming on the 25th of March to the Blue Note in Columbia.

I went to Vintage Vinyl last night to get the new Brendan Benson album that was to come out at midnight. There was nearly nobody there in spite of it being a Monday night/release night, where Vinyl stays open 'til 12:30AM so they can sell the new releases as early as humanly possible. Anyway, I showed up for Brendan Benson, and the guy at the counter was like "I think we might have, like, ONE" and the girl concurred and they started looking for it amidst all the new releases. Then some other dude came over and was like "What're you looking for?" and I said "Brendan Benson" and the guy was like "Oh, we only got one in, and it's reserved for some guy that was in here back at 9:30PM or so." I thought that the person of whom he spoke might be Ron, and told the guy so, but the guy said he wouldn't know what the person who'd ordered it looked like given a description anyway. So I shopped around, waiting for midnight and past to see if this mystery person A)was Ron, and B)if not Ron, then who? Well, the person never showed up, and neither did Ron, and upon subsequent interrogation, I found that it wasn't Ron (when I checked out last night, the guy at the counter was like "what's your friend's name, actually?" and I told him, and he was like "Nah, it was Michael somethin'"), but some OTHER Brendan Benson fan in the St. Louis area! What on earth?! Just joking, but it was sort of surprising, and furthermore, sort of annoying on Vintage Vinyl's part to have only ordered ONE F-IN' copy. But oh, well. I reserved it, and presume I shall look for it elsewhere in case it's cheaper (it prob'ly couldn't be any more expensive, based on Vinyl's usual prices).

I think I'm tired enough now, finally, that I could go to bed without any trouble and prob'ly before hitting the pillow, I'd be asleep. So, without further ado,


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