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Film Festival Submissions GALORE!

So more about what happened to me this weekend (I was in Edwardsville for 90% of it) will come later. For now, I just wanted to say that I have submitted Pour Chaque «Non» to three more festivals:

Well let's hope something comes of all this, cuz I'm sure using an awful lot of my credit card's limit to submit to these damned things. Except for Cinemerge, which is too small to take a card, so I had to write a check (I gave it right to festival director-dude; I met him in Edwardsville). Eek!

Apparently if one's film is selected to travel with the Ann Arbor Film Festival tour (which I saw for some years in a row as it would come to Webster University's Film Series each fall--I don't think they bring it in anymore, under the new Film Series programming management), you get like a buck fifty per minute of yer film for each venue where it plays! Apparently also you can offer to host the tour for like $600 which includes shipping to the next location! Man that's awesome...I wonder why WU stopped doin' it and why the Tivoli or someplace doesn't do it. It is something to consider for when I am wealthy!
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