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My Brain Is Hanging Upside-Down

That's right, today was lousy.

I woke up earlier than I'd really prefer, to work. No big deal, but I had to work all alone until Doris got there. I wasn't even going to open Blimpie. When she got there, she sort of did, but only helped one customer all day. I helped a ton at Taco Bell, myself, and was all alone to do so. This woulda been some big "whatever" if I hadn't had plans to leave work early. Well, at some point during work, Coire called and said that he had assembled a cast and whatever else he needed for a video project he was planning on doing that night, at (my) work. I had sort of been looking forward to doing nothing tonight, but I had to be there if they were gonna shoot, so I agreed. My brother Royce had some missionary farewell at church today, which I feel slightly bad for missing, but nobody else could have worked Taco Bell on such short notice. I did, in fact, close work early (having made an LJ entry there, if you'll notice) and take off for the French film at Washington University that I'd planned to attend. On the way there, my power steering stopped working. Good thing I have an appointment for tomorrow morning at the autofix place. I got there on time, and saw, among other people, Dork Dude & his girlfriend, and Barbara Davis, who taught me French in High School. I talked to neither of these people, who prob'ly didn't recognize me anyway, since my appearance has changed relatively significantly since last they saw me. So the movie started (it was called Le Goût Des Autres, or The Taste Of Others), and it was all bad-ass. Well, what I saw of it was bad-ass, anyway. Usually, when I fall asleep at a movie (the fact that I've fallen asleep in movies so often that I can say something like "usually when this happens..." is pathetic and unacceptable enough as it is; I know), I go through stages. First, I'll be really tired, then, I'll sort of start to nod off (and on), trying all the while to STOP between nod-offs, then, I'll finally konk out. Well, this time, I don't remember any of that transitionary stuff happening. What's stranger is that, in spite of my extreme desire to see this movie, when I woke up periodically while sleeping through it, I wouldn't even bother trying to stay awake, as I usually do. I must have been a ton more exhausted than I thought. Well, after that got out, I saw my current French professor Flora, and in spite of how much I'd have liked to maybe talk to her, or Mlle. Davis, or to attend the after-screening discussion (which was conducted in French) of the film, I was pretty embarrassed that I'd fallen asleep during the movie (had my slumber been really noticable and observable, what with sitting in the third row and all? Had I started to snore, causing a disturbance?), and didn't want to get any nasty glances or questions (however innocently intended) like "So, did you have a nice little nap?" or "Quite a nice snore you've got there, RØB," so I hurriedly left the building, not stopping to talk to anyone. When I got to my car, it wouldn't start. This is the fourth time since Tuesday that it's done so, so it came as no real surprise. After trying to get the engine to turn a few times, I just got outta the car and walked home. The fact that I had to do so wasn't bad at all; it was only 20 minutes, whereas I walked more than that both to and from work all during summer 2000. Also, the weather today was acceptable for a walk, and I think I'll make a point of walking around more often as a result of today. However, the fact that my car wouldn't work was frustrating, cuz it'd been doing so well of late, and the fact that I had to work on this video shoot tonight, and the fact that I'd just fallen asleep in a movie, which is prob'ly near, if not at, the very top of the "things I hate" list. After all, who knows when the next time I get an opportunity to see this film will arise, especially on the big screen? So I was upset, and my roommate Matt drove me back to my car and gave me a jump. After I got back here, I watched some Sunday night television, waiting for Coire or someone to call, as they'd agreed to give me a ride back to where we'd been shooting (since it's a half-hour drive, and I'd driven there once, and my car wasn't working all that well, I insisted upon their giving me a ride, especially since I wasn't keen on doing the project tonight anyway). Well, they never called, but Veronica did, asking about Twin Peaks time, which we decided to do. I was still sorta mad that Coire hadn't told me they had decided to cancel shooting, after I had pretty much set myself up to do so all night long. They came over, and after some figuring out, I finally got the TV and VCR to work in tandem with one another (who knows what my roommates did to set it up--very confusing indeed), and we put in the tape, and up started an episode that we'd seen before. Well, fuck. Naturally, I'd never bothered to look at the tape in the case; what the case said ("Episodes 25-29") was good enough for me. However, the tape itself was, of course, clearly labeled "Episodes 15-19." Well, the Twin Peaks club, as it were, borrowed some movies, had a few drinks among them, and left, prob'ly not half an hour after they'd arrived. It's prob'ly a good thing; I don't know how well I'd have been able to stay awake through a few episodes tonight. It was still a boner that I don't even have the right tape. So that basically brings me to here; at least while waiting for them to show up, I hung some posters around the room and shit. Unfortunately, I also found out in that waiting period at some point that I have some case study project to do for "Ethics in the Media" class tomorrow, which I reckon will have to be done either before my first class sometime or between my first and second classes. Who knows? So yes, it was a boner of a day, to say the least. Really upsetting also is the realization that my streak of bad luck and otherwise bad occurrence on every front is still around.

At least I update my LiveJournal more often nowadays. Or should I say "at most"? I wonder if this is a good or bad thing.

I'm hoping to shoot my final film project on this coming Saturday (prob'ly morning and afternoon) and Sunday (prob'ly all day). Anyone that thinks they could help, or wants to help, or just wants to watch, or just wants to show up, or whatever, is more than welcome to do so. Lemme know. I actually still have one role available (male), but it's a pretty specific person that's gonna have to play it.

All right, well, I'm prob'ly not gonna end up working on that case study shit tonight, so this is pretty close to "good night." Thanks for reading.

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