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"I'm A Mouse." --Padt Weston, to some potential buyers of the Weston house on Gunnison Gorge

Since about two weeks ago, each day I've experienced has been as bad/hectic/lousy as the day before; unless, of course, it was worse. If there's a type of "trouble," you name it, I've had it in these past few weeks. Health, emotional, financial, girl, familial, friend, work, school...like I said, you name it. On Thursday night, I had an all right time; Friday night was sorta lame but constructive (literally), and last night, well, that was somethin' else.

Thursday night I saw the Midwest Avengers at the Red Sea with my roommates Matt and Amanda. I'd never seen them live before in spite of having been a friend of Jamie Coleman's for a handful of years. They were great, though they said themselves that it was a shoddy show. I had no frame of reference, so who cares? I was the only white guy up at the front dancing around and stuff, and Jamie gave me some high-five while he was on stage rapping and whatnot. It was awesome, and a completely new experience.

Friday night, Ron came over and we started to assemble these shelves we bought at Lowe's a coupla days ago. We didn't finish cuz we didn't have enough bolts. Jason's girlfriend was apparently having people over, but we didn't get around to going before everyone apparently left. Sorry, Jason. Ya boner.

Last night, I completed the shelves, and Al came over and we went to some photography art opening downtown at Berserker studios. It was also a great experience, though most of the photography was sorta crummy and the DJ was relatively boring. No offense. We did, however, meet this local artist who goes by the name "L.A." there, and he was hilarious, and seemed to have some great ideas for artworks that he told us about. Basically, he was the only one there worth a damn. These two gay Asian guys hit on me, and I told them about Mustardfish, but neglected to sell them one of our CDs in spite of the handful of them I had in my pocket. I didn't even think about it, being stupid at the time, I guess. So, even though the art was nothing to write home about, the people were interesting to watch, there was free food, and it was only two friggin' bucks. Also, we met L.A. and he's some badass. Prob'ly the most interesting things that were hanging on the walls were these framed pictures with bios of famous St. Louisans (Chuck Berry, Charles Eames, Miles Davis, William S. Burroughs, Betty Grable, Agnes Moorehead, Kevin Kline, Clark Terry, Vincent Price, et c.). Actually, the opening was dedicated to Vincent Price.

After that, we tried to go to some party, but parked about 30 yards away from the house where it was allegedly being held, only to see the hostess makin' out with some dude, so we just sat there awhile watching to see if anything was actually happening, and felt like stalkers. Eventually, the woman who lived in the house next to which we were parked came out and was like "Do you need some help?" We assured her we weren't creeps, and jetted outta there. Then I reorganized my CDs, Al went home, I passed out in bed. Nothing too exciting, but like I said, different and new, and interesting for me. I don't quite know if my situation on the whole is really getting better, but if it isn't, at least I had a few isolated incidents of above-average quality.

Now I'm at work, and I'm the only one here, except for Nick Kajok, who's working up front. I'm closing early to go see a French film at Washington University. Until then, boredom abounds, but to end this entry, I shall type out a list of the shows in the near future that I have at least an inkling of intention of attendance, if not more:

  • Tuesday, 03/05/02:Grumboon benefit concert @ The Hi-Pointe

  • Thursday, 03/07/02: Dismemberment Plan, Death Cab For Cutie, and Aveo @ The Blue Note in Columbia, MO

  • Monday, 03/18/02: They Might Be Giants @ The Blue Note in Columbia, MO

  • Wednesday, 03/20/02: Le Tigre @ Mississippi Nights

  • Saturday, 03/23/02: Concrete Blonde @ The Pageant

  • Wednesday, 03/27/02: Wesley Willis & A-440 @ The Hi-Pointe

  • Friday, 03/29/02: Bob Mould @ The Pageant

  • Friday, 04/05/02: Janeane Garofalo @ The Pageant

  • Monday, 04/15/02: Ray Charles @ Mizzou

  • Monday, 04/20/02: Kids In The Hall @ The Pageant (Actually, I'm not really sure what this is, and couldn't find out, but if Bruce McCulloch, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson are touring, I'm there)

  • Thursday, 04/25/02: Prince @ The Fox Theatre

  • Sunday, 05/05/02: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion @ Mississippi Nights

  • Saturday, 06/01/02: Arlo Guthrie @ Mizzou

Right, so who knows how many of these will actually be attended. Although I already have my Le Tigre ticket. That's all for now, boners. LateR.

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