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Man I just saw the funniest round of Final Jeopardy! I've ever seen. It's the Teen Tournament right now.

Anyway, the category was "Art Of The World" and the answer was something like "You would find the paintings 'The Creation of Eve' and 'The Flood' in this room." The first person put down "What is the Pope's Bedroom?" I sorta felt bad, cuz of course that's hilarious, and Alex Trebek said something like "well, you won't get any points for it, but it's very funny!" also he was laughing more than I think I've ever heard Alex laugh. However, I think the kid put it down in earnest, he just kinda had some grimace on his face as it was revealed he was incorrect. The next person to answer put "What is Room 52?" which was just like BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then the last girl got it right, but she put "What is the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?" which is technically not a room.

Man everyone should be glad I don't decide which Jeopardy! questions are counted as correct, cuz it always annoys me when the question is a person's name and the contestant says (for example) "What is Isaac Newton?" I mean, by any academic standard (in which Jeopardy! would ostensibly have a vested interest), it's just wholly incorrect to ask about a person and use "what." Also, I think it would be sweet to be on Jeopardy! and get an answer whose question was a year or a date, so I could (perhaps be the first? to) ask (for example) "When was 1066?" There was another funny part in today's show where the correct question was "What is Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" (in a "Game Shows" category) but I thought it'd have been funny if the girl had just asked "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

Gettin' on Jeopardy! and giving out joke answers would be awesome.

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