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Then Late At Night Just Before I Go To Bed, The World Blows Up And Everybody's Dead

So I know I made that one post about the worst day of the year a couple of days ago. I stand by it. It was the worst day I had, personally. However, from a more objective standpoint, that is, if the mere events that happened today had happened to anyone, anyone would prob'ly agree with me that today was the worst day of the year.

First, I woke up. That was a mistake, but especially so since I had class at noon, and I didn't wake up 'til about 3:05PM. I had taken a 45-minute nap yesterday before my night class, and after class, hadn't bothered to go all the way around before hitting 10:00AM; so instead, my alarm was set for 10:00PM, a time that had already passed. Anyway, at the point of my waking up, my class had been over for about fifteen minutes. Only class I had today. Filmmaking II. Our film was due. I went to Sverdrup fast as I could, arriving prob'ly around 3:30PM or so. I looked for Hong (my professor) and couldn't find him. I looked some more, and some more, still, and found Evan, our T.A. for the class, and he told me he didn't know where Hong was, but led me to believe that Hong was somewhere having the film (that was due today) shipped off (for development). He told me that Hong did, however, have a class to teach at 5:30PM, so he'd be around at that time, if not before. I continued the search, constantly checking Hong's office door, which was locked every time. Then, around 4:25PM or so, I saw Jesse Lawder checking a camcorder out of the media center. I realized he was doing so for the small, half-hour production that the Conservatory does Every Tuesday (aptly titled "ET"s), where the Seniors direct Sophomores in abridged versions or otherwise short plays. They last about a half an hour, as this one did, after which I took Hannah to the bank, then to Schnucks so she could get money and groceries, respectively. Before that, I went back to Sverdrup to locate Hong. Instead, I found Rebecca, my Filmmaking I professor from last semester, and she gave me the beta tapes and the actual film reel with our projects on it, which was good, cuz that was one of the things I had hoped to accomplish today. Kathy Corley was there as well, and she shares an office with Hong, so I followed her back to her office (at which point she told me that I have to re-submit the review I wrote for Amélie in English for the Webbies), left my film and a note for Hong on the most noticable spot on his desk, and proceeded to take Hannah to her places, then home. Then, I went to Best Buy, where I intended to buy a stereo receiver and a turntable (I've been wanting to get back into not only listening to, but also buying records, since the turntable I used to use broke well over a year ago). First, though, I spent the very last of my cash on some blank tapes (so I could go back to Sverdrup later and copy my Film I project to not only SVHS tape, but also regular VHS tape for immediate display) and a Discman for Spring Break, since my current portable CD player sucks. This is an actual CD Walkman, though. After putting that stuff in my car, I re-entered Best Buy to purchase the turntable and receiver. While checking out, my credit card was denied. I have no idea why. I went to the ATM at Schnucks across the way to get cash ($480.00 worth) and returned to make the purchase. I saw Erik Palmore and his girlfriend Olivia there, and we talked for awhile about turntables and stereos and who-knows-what. Then I bought the stuff, with cash (I wonder if I've ever spent that much cash before...I know I've never withdrawn that much from an ATM at once), and proceeded to Coire & Kyle's place, where I could ask Kyle what I'd missed in class today (though in my wandering, I had asked Frank, another person in my class). I arrived a little after 8:00PM, perhaps. Well, that turned into me hangin' out 'til Coire got home and well after, telling him about sketch ideas and watching Kyle play Mega Man II on his new game emulator on his computer. As I was going to my car, after finally leaving, I looked at my watch (it said something like 9:30PM or so), then realizing that I had arranged to meet my friends Gareth and Travis in front of Vintage Vinyl at 8:00PM so that they could buy Mustardfish's CD (which you should all do, in fact). Well, I called Travis from Alex and Immanuel's--after first calling Heather to get his phone number; THANX--and apologized, and told him I'd come by his place in 10-15 minutes. Well, when I got in my car to leave, it wouldn't start. Luckily, a guy who lives in that apartment complex was out there, and seemingly had nothing else to do at the time, so he asked if I needed a jump. Finally, we got the car working, and I took off for Travis's. However, I didn't realize, never really having taken Clayton east of Skinker, that Clayton pretty much turns into the highway, and you have to make a small detour to the right if you wish to stay on "Clayton." So, I was on the highway. Got off at the next exit, turned right on Clayton, and came from the opposite way that Travis was prob'ly expecting. I wonder what he thought of that. At any rate, we made the transaction, but I had to embezzle three bucks (remember, I ran out of cash, but then got seven dollars and change back from the ATM cash I used to pay for the stereo equipment) to pay for Travis's shit, but I figure that'll be taken care of tomorrow anyway.

{deep breath}

Yeah, so that was my day. Pretty hectic. I had a lot of other stuff I'd planned to do, so my alarm not going off really proved a HUGE bummer. However, I noticed that I wasn't as annoyed with it as I might have been, say, a few weeks ago, or last semester. I really wasn't annoyed with it at all. I had a sort of "well, there's nothing I can do about it now, no use in whining" attitude. What's wrong with me? I'm a huge whiner.

So now, I should set up my new stereo equipment. I can almost hear the fuzzy sounds of the analog that is vinyl now. Also, I have intentions to take some night-shower and change my bedsheets before sleep. But to recap:

1)Woke up late
<         >i.Missed class
<         >ii.Couldn't turn in film; who knows if it'll be developed in time?
<         >iii.Had to look for professor (fruitlessly) for a long time
2)Ran outta cash
3)Credit Card declined
4)Missed appointment with Gareth and Travis; I hope Gareth isn't too angry
5)Car wouldn't start
6)Didn't get stuff done I wanted to (develop still film, make shot list for final film, et c.)

Well, at least Mustardfish will prob'ly get a spot on GTV (Gorlok TV, the upcoming on-campus produced television show)

Today really reminded me of the "Weird Al" Yankovic song "Just One Of Those Days" (or whatever it's called...maybe "One Of Those Days"). Hence the title of this post.

Plus, I have French homework. Gotta go!

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