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Pancake Productions Stills Galleries Et C.

I wasn't sure when I'd make this announcement, and I'm sure it won't really have any bearing on anybody's actions anyway, but I may as well mention that I've been pretty busy on the Stills Galleries circuit where Pancake Productions Online HQ is concerned. Some have production stills, some have screenshots, some have both. Enjoy!

To see the stills gallery for a movie listed, just clickaroo!


What Is Mustardfish?

Gonna Be Late

Diary Of A Co-Worker (complete with fancy music-accompanied slide-show and tons of production stills and screenshots alike)

Pour Chaque «Non»

Also, if you click on the image here, you can watch a sweet trailer for Diary Of A Co-Worker.

WARNING: There are a lot of pictures on each page, and no thumbnails or anything, so a broadband connection of some type is definitely recommended (but not required, I reckon).

Also if you are interested, I have updated the People page to more accurately reflect the status of various Pancake Productions crewmembers.
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