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Eye Joss Habb Been Tinking It Time For Birtdaye Tribyoot!

As much as it is stupid to make such analyses of your own work out loud, I thought this might be a nice thing to post.

Ron and I were talking at Sam's Club last night about how Paris: The City Of..., while decidedly and irrevocably a Pancake Production, is basically Andrew (hed)'s project--he wrote, will narrate, and stars in it, and it's obviously a pretty personal story that reflects poignantly (if somewhat coincidentally or somehow unintentionally) on a period in his own life. I had a flash of thought during Ron's and my conversation which I later was able to develop more fully, that flash being "why I like Paris: The City Of... so much and why I think that, despite it's obviously much more harsh and dismal tone, it fits right in with the canon of Pancake Productions, which, admittedly, are generally more upbeat, humorous, or light."

The reason is this: like so many Pancake Productions (Gonna Be Late, The Man Without A Clue, The Look Of..., Check-mateless, Peat Bikin', What Is Mustardfish?, Summer School Dream Daze, Pirates PSA, Fair Fare Taxi Company Commercial Hayseed George & The Dragon, Drawer's Block, and yes, even the old now-and-most-likely-forever-unfinished Lombard Street, come to mind), Paris: The City Of... is the story about a subtle yet distinct irony between the perception of a given character (or characters, or themes), and the truth of whatever matter said character(s/themes) is/are tied up in. I said it at my portfolio review, and I believe it still rings true.

However, why am I sitting here expostulating on all of this? Go watch the movies and decide for yourself if any of this malarkey has any bearing on anything at all. Poof!

I think I have found a use for tags after all. Perhaps they will replace Memories?

Maybe, rather than making all of my usericons actually of me, I should make them all of the protagonists in my films that are extensions of myself in some way or another. I guess Charles Withingworth III is that, if nothing else, though.
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