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The Jacopo Pontormo Fine Arts Tournament Of Manners

These are the questions that I answered A)Correctly, and B)Before anyone else in this past weekend's Fine Arts Quiz Bowl tournament. To say nothing of the ones I answered WRONG but before anyone else (for which I was penalized). I've attempted to place an asterisk at the approximate point (to the best of my memory) where I buzzed in to answer (Ron or Andrew might correct me on this if they notice error). The bold in the answers shows all that was necessary to say to get the answer correct. "FTP" stands for "For Ten Points." Questions where the number is in parenthesis means that the question, though I beat everyone else out to get it correct, occurred after the round was over and everyone (but me) had reached the prescribed number of points (55), so they didn't actually count toward my score for the game. The answers I actually gave are underlined. Answers behind LJ cuts so you can test yerself!

Game 1 (Six People, Battle Royale Style)
13. A romantic melodrama centering on a quartet of orphans-turned-trapeze artists forms the plot of his now-lost Four Devils. His two subsequent and final works were a film originally entitled Our Daily Bread and a collaboration with Robert Flaherty on a romance set at Bora Bora island, Tabu: A Story of the South Seas, which premiered shortly before his death in a car crash. This director’s most acclaimed trio of films are a tale of a man who plots to drown his wife, a story about an old hotel doorman who loses his job, and a work that prompted a copyright infringement suit from the estate of Bram Stoker*. FTP, identify this German expressionist director of Sunrise, The Last Laugh, and Nosferatu.
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau or Friedrich Wilhelm Plumpe

27. Its creator’s indictment of religion can be seen in the way a man is trampled by a mob rush after a claim that two children saw the Virgin Mary in a field. An indictment of the Bohemian lifestyle appears through Alain Cluny’s character, a professor who hosts a lavish party for his intellectual friends, then later ends up shooting his children and himself. The protagonist also faces the attempted suicide of his fiancé Emma, who takes poison after his tryst with the film star Maddalena, who was visiting Rome. FTP, name this film that memorably shows Sylvia and Marcello cavorting in the Trevi Fountain, directed by Federico* Fellini.
La Dolce Vita or The Sweet Life

(39.) Willie Bobo, Paul Chambers, and Osvaldo Martinez joined him for an album containing the tracks "Jack Rabbit," "Mimosa," and "Succotash," entitled Inventions and Dimensions. During the 1970’s, he left Blue Note Records and recorded Man-Child, Head Hunters*, and Mwandishi, among others, as he began experimenting with jazz fusion. Two of his most successful albums were Empyrean Isles, and his solo debut Takin’ Off, which introduced his seminal songs, "Empty Pockets" and "Watermelon Man." FTP, name this former member of the second Miles Davis Quintet, the still-living contemporary pianist who recorded Maiden Voyage.
Herbie Hancock

Game 2 (Six People, Battle Royale Style)
3. Seventeen different states exist for the artist’s Japanese-influenced drypoint version of this scene, where color primarily comes from the black on yellow floral pattern of a kneeling woman’s dress and from the rich blue of the titular vessel. In the painted version, a white porcelain pitcher with a flower print rests in the lower right corner, and the downward angled view centers on a woman in a white, gray, and lavender striped dress resting a half naked little girl in her lap and holding out her foot. FTP, give the common title of these Mary Cassatt pieces showing a mother washing her child*.
The Bath

43. This artist’s modification of one of his traditionally-styled self-portraits to include a silly flowered hat foreshadows his departure from the Dutch Baroque style he imitated in The Bourgeois Salon, The Lampboy, and The Oyster Eater. His morbid Death Pursuing a Flight of Mortals and Two Skeletons Fighting over a Hanged Man shocked even members of the artistic group he co-founded, "Les Vingt." Skeletons in the Studio combined his skeleton theme with his other favorite motif, carnival masks, which memorably appeared in his most studied work, a painting showing his sister and her Chinese fiancée being harassed by a crowd of festively dressed gawkers, entitled Intrigue. FTP, name this Ostend resident and premier Belgian expressionist* painter.
James Ensor

Game 3 (Seven People, Battle Royale Style)
37. A caricature by Bertall gave the main figure a clown nose and crooked smile, while one done in the same month by Cham shaded in the feet and hands to suggest the presence of boots and gloves, making its subject look like a street mime. Its subject was likened to a "female gorilla" by Amedee Cantaloube in the May 1865 issue of Le Grand Journal, while the artist’s friend Zacharie Astruc wrote an accompanying poem describing how this controversial painting showed the title woman awakening to find "spring arriving in the arms of a black messenger," the flower-bearing slave to her right. FTP, name this Edouard* Manet painting of a nude courtesan.

50. Following an appearance from the Sandman near the end of Act II, the title characters say a nightly prayer, after which fourteen angels in white appear as the "Dream Pantomime" is played. This opera begins innocently enough when the protagonists leave to get strawberries for Gertrude by heading into Ilsenstein Forest. When Peter returns home drunk, he and Gertrude realize their mistake and rush into the woods, eventually reuniting with the title characters, who have since saved a group of children from the spell of an evil witch. FTP, name this Engelbert* Humperdinck opera about a fairy tale involving a gingerbread house and a certain brother and sister duo.
Hansel and Gretel or Hansel und Gretel

54. Its second movement alternates back and forth from a wistful adagio melody by the soloist to a presto flurry of open G string notes by the orchestra to suggest an impending storm. The opening Allegro Non Molto movement depicts a shepherd weeping in fear; the songs of the cuckoo, turtledove, and goldfinch; and the calm wind of Zephyr being overtaken by the forceful gusts of Boreas. Everything culminates in a frenetic Presto movement characterized by rapid descents and ascents from the solo violin, as a full blown thunderstorm displaces the quiet scenes of heat-driven languishing that opened this concerto. FTP, name this Antonio Vivaldi concerto depicting the second of the four seasons*.
Summer or L’Estate (prompt on "The Four Seasons")

Game 4 (Two People, One On One)
1. The three visible children in this work are a girl in the far right peeking from behind a woman’s skirt, and two boys in white on the left: one holding a gold-tinted vessel, the other looking up at one of four grim-looking men in black hats. A tall staff breaks through the height of the crowd, and a miniature crucifix can be seen mounted atop it. Among the figures surrounding the hole in the center are a white and black dog, a man in green stockings, and a pair of unpleasant looking priests in red, all standing out from the throngs of sad looking men and women in black. FTP, name this Gustave* Courbet painting of a peasant’s funeral.
A Burial at Ornans or A Funeral at Ornans or Un Enterrement à Ornans

2. In Variation II, the composer uses muted brass and winds to imitate the bleating of the sheep that are mistakenly attacked in that section. A wind machine is used in Variation VII, and in the ninth and penultimate variation, two bassoons depict a pair of monks encountered by the title character, a knight of "sorrowful countenance." A cello portrays the title character, and a viola portrays his donkey-riding squire*, in, FTP, what Richard Strauss tone poem about a man from La Mancha?
Don Quixote

7. For the first three measures of its second section, an unaccompanied left hand plays a sixteenth note melody with alternating A notes in an Allegro tempo. Not to be confused with its composer’s "Dorian" combination piece of the same name and key, this work opens in an Adagio tempo with a mordent and a high A that is held with a fermata. The organ pedal adds weight to the ascending diminished seventh chord arpeggio that introduces the sixteenth-note filled Prestissimo passage, which consists primarily of rapid broken scales and arpeggios. FTP, identify this ominous-sounding J.S. Bach work consisting of two pieces in D* minor.
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (prompt on "Toccata," do not accept "Dorian Toccata and Fugue in D Minor")

8. He departed from his main instrument to play piano in a 1963 solo album for Impulse Records, which followed his The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady. He spent time in Duke Ellington’s band, but an altercation with trombonist Juan Tizol brought about his reputation as the only musician ever fired by Ellington. His popular recordings include Changes I and Changes II, and Let My Children Hear Music. FTP, name this pioneering jazz bandleader and bass player*, who also recorded Pithecanthropus Erectus.
Charles Mingus

14. The artist once wrote that while the peony belonged to Georges Jennin and the hollyhock to Ernest Quost, these objects were his own. Gauguin did an 1888 portrait showing the artist painting them, and it is said the series of paintings depicting them was intended to be displayed on the walls of Gauguin’s bedroom. Images of four-cut and two-cut versions laid out flat comprise the earlier four-part Paris series, but in the more popular Arles* series, these fiery-colored objects were placed in vases for still-life paintings. FTP, name these flowers that were a favorite subject of Vincent van Gogh.

18. In its prior two years as a Broadway play, this film had George Jessel in the lead role, though he turned the movie role down for salary reasons. Its protagonist gets support from dancer Mary Dale, and ends up winning a role in "April Follies." However, the success is bittersweet due to the protestations of Cantor Rabinowitz, his father, who eventually falls ill. Featuring Jack Robin singing "Mammy"* while wearing blackface, this is, FTP, what 1927 film starring Al Jolson, the first to feature sound?
The Jazz Singer

Game 5 (Bye)

Game 6 (Two People, One On One)
5. Background scenes include images of a small, white sailboat heading towards the left edge of the painting and of a group of four men rowing near the shore. In the center, a woman in a red top and a pink skirt holds the hand of her hat-wearing child. Sitting in front of a woman in black, a man in a sleeveless red shirt smokes a pipe in the foreground, all the while oblivious to the black dog sniffing at the food set down behind him. On the other side of the foreground, a large-rumped woman holds a leashed monkey* in one hand and an umbrella in the others. FTP, name this park scene painted by George Seurat.
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

6. It was first mentioned in an article by George MacCurdy of Yale, who had heard firsthand about Josef Szombathy’s finding of it in a loess deposit. Roughly eleven centimeters tall, this oolitic limestone piece has no discernable facial features, just rows of notched concentric rings resembling braids of hair. Likewise, no arms* appear on, FTP, what ancient carving of a wide-hipped, large-breasted female figure named for the Austrian town in which it was discovered?
Venus of Willendorf

19. Granville Bantock was the dedicatee of the second one, which contains an A major trio and a main key of A minor, while Ivor Atkins of Worcester Cathedral was the dedicatee of the peculiarly dark third one in C minor. It took 23 years after the completion of the fourth one in G major before the composer began writing the fifth, and last finished one in C major. The composer combined the first, and most popular, one with A.C. Benson’s lyrics for "Land of Hope and Glory" to produce an ode for the 1902 coronation of Edward VII. FTP, name this series of Edward Elgar marches* linked with graduation ceremonies.
Pomp and Circumstance Marches

I hope that wasn't too boring or too space-consuming on yer friendspage. I made it in Arial to be easier on the eyes maybe?

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