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Eric Lych And Eric Monter Just Drove Up In Eric Monter's Car.

Today is much better than yesterday. All it took was a little alcohol, some Alex Younger, some roommates, and some Monty Python. Oh, and some Jeunet, too.

This morning, driving to work, I really felt great. Never mind the fact that I'd only had three hours of sleep. Thanks for all yer help, guys. Granted, some of the shit that depressed me so still lingers, but hell, I'm doin' all right now.

So tomorrow I shoot my second film project of the semester. I hope all goes well. Cross your fingers for me; I still haven't gotten a hold of my principal actress. That is, my intended principal actress. Plus, I hope the film I plan on using is the right kind for what I'm shooting. Damn.

Mustardfish is apparently soon to perhaps be in a documentary about the local scene (with Corbeta Corbata, the Clox, Cuando Greg & The Chives, and maybe the Alley Kittens, too). Stay tuned. Also, I've decided we're gonna start spearheading efforts to play local shows, rather than waiting for other boners to get their shit together.

I've also given a lot of thought to starting (or joining, or co-starting) a new band, that actually writes its own songs. Having the time to do it is always an issue, though. I'm formulating the perfect lineup in my head. YOU could be a part of it! However, you prob'ly aren't. I'm not really giving it that much thought, yet, to be honest.

Martha's in town. Rock on.

Speaking of "rock on," the Last Hard Men album is pretty f-in' great. For those of you not familiar with the Last Hard Men, it's the greatest supergroup ever a supergroup comprised of Sebastian Bach (of Skid Row fame), Jimmy Chamberlain (of Smashing Pumpkins fame), Jimmy Flemion (of the Frogs fame), and Kelley Deal (of the Breeders and The Kelley Deal 6000 fame). Wicked stuff.

Okay. Eric and Eric have left. In fact, they left long ago. Until next time...

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