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Something To Do The Night Of July 19th

Yo y'all. My movie Pour Chaque «Non» (to which you've no doubt heard me refer incessantly) is to show as a part of the 5th annual St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. It will show with several other short films under the program "Silly Humans" at 9:15PM on Tuesday, July 19th, at the Tivoli theatre in the Loop--main auditorium, of course.

Other films that I worked on in some way which will also show that week include (in no particular order) Reject This Film (Wolfgang Lehmkuhl), Mistaken Love Stories Part II (Jonathan Waters), Abdul Loves Cleopatra (Brian Hohlfeld), Mary Wants To Kill (Anne Freivogel, although she's listed as something like "Skeeta Malone" on the SLFS official scheudule), and The Tribesman (Dan Fulton--this last one shows in the same program as mine). I'll prob'ly go, or at least try my damnedest to go, to all of these screenings. It costs $9 or $8 with a student ID for each program. Check ou the Full Schedule for more information about any of these films, or my site above for more information about Pour Chaque «Non». See y'all there dudes!

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