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A (Valentines) Day In The Life

Another Valentines Day, come and gone! Uneventfully, sure! But at least it was a nice excuse to dress up like a moron and go Trick-or-Treating!

Oh, and that last entry I made? The friends-only one? In case you didn't notice, there's a psych about it. I think I talked about the psych about it in the commentary on it.

Maybe I was gonna say some other stuff. I don't really know. I don't even know why I felt I should make an entry. I'm having trouble breathing properly, my left knee feels like it's about to blow, my right knee feels like it's perpetually being kicked, I think I might be coming down with something, I'm constantly dizzy, hardly ever hungry, and usually find myself without enough sleep (in spite of how much I've received on any given night) and with an (at least somewhat) upset stomach.

Quoth Ben Kumming (A.K.A. Sergei Solzhenitzovich) in What Is Mustardfish?: "Maybe they will all die, in some sort of drug-induced car crash, because they are rock stars and that is what you are supposed to do." Well, on the contrary, Sergei, I'll prob'ly die cuz of health complications. If not soon, then most likely eventually.

Speaking of What Is Mustardfish? and Ben Kumming, I showed the video to a guy who recognized Ben the other day. He even knew of Ben's nickname "Cap'n." Apparently this wasn't one of the "Let's kill Ben" people, though.

Also speaking of What Is Mustardfish?, I entered it and three other pieces into the Webster University Media Excellence Awards. I entered the PSA about pirates, a flipbook about {deep breath} a hand coming into frame, planting some seeds, then turning to the side so that the watch on its wrist could be more easily seen; the clock gets larger and larger as the hands spin around wildly, then, as the clock fills the entire page, it begins to crack in half and fall off of the page, revealing the pot in which the seeds were planted, after which a plant begins to grow, blooming and revealing an egg on top of it, which subsequently hatches a bird, that begins to fly away {breathe} (all that in a mere eleven seconds or less), and a review I wrote of Amélie (in French). Hopefully, the latter of these is acceptable; there are no rules about language in which the pieces you submit are submitted, so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal. On the other hand, I somehow doubt any of the judges are proficient enough in French that they'll be able to read it. Oh, well...at least I have the backup ENGLISH version that I wrote for my media writing class! Wish me luck; please.

Before last night and the night before, I hadn't slept in my own bed since Friday night. To recap:

Saturday night: Party at Megan & Lexie's. Crashed there.
Sunday night: Final film project scriptwriting session at Al & Immanuel's. Crashed there.
Monday night: Saw a movie with Megan & Lexie. Somehow crashed there again.
Tuesday night: Somewhat unwittingly fell asleep on Hannah & Amanda's couch after having a conversation with them about trying to sleep not in my own bed for as many nights as possible.

That was somethin' else. What a strange, strange week it's been.

As for Lexie, I think she may have been lying when she said she had a livejournal. I've searched for it a little bit, and can't find it. Granted, the "find" options on LiveJournal these days mean nearly nothing, ever since the geography locator was taken down. BummeR.

I really need to get back to this French homework. Comment at will.

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