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Top Ten From Last Night

As you all know, I love making lists. Last night, I went to some sorta crazy party, and I decided to make a Top Ten list of funny or outrageous or otherwise interesting things/situations that happened last night. Without further ado:

10. YOU zip it up!

9. Champagne Time, with NO OVERFLOW!

8. Is that a wig?

7. D. Mike don't recognize

6. Gee, I just missed half of the party.

5. Veronica knows Heather?

4. "FUCK YOU!" "NO, FUCK YOU!!!"

3. Double your party in just five seconds!

2. "The Contract"

1. The Push-Up Contest

Yes, I'd like to personally apologize to Padt and Heather for number three above. I realize it was pretty much my fault that that happened, though it wasn't expected, trust me. Sorry. Also, thanks for being tolerant and letting me pass out on the couch, even though I didn't ask or anything. You guys are real winners!

Oh, and also, I've added Lauren to my friends list. She better f-in' add me soon.

Where were Lauren Casper and HER friends last night?

It was a rockin' night, I think. Thanks again, guys.

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