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Oh man also on Saturday night when D. Mike and I went to get the beer (Keystone Light was a go at $4.99/12pack) at the Schnucks affectionately dubbed "Ghetto Schnucks" by residents of my neighborhood and beyond (although as D. Mike pointed out and as is obvious to anybody who's been around, this Schnucks is not nearly as ghetto as a large handful of others in the St. Louis area), they had Banquet Brand TV dinners 10 for $10. I got ten, just to make it even and cuz I knew they'd come in handy (and cheap). Also they had enough different kinds that I didn't get two of any one kind and there were still three or four I didn't get. I just had some chicken-vegetable-noodle thing that woulda cost me like $5.99 at one of those chintzy "restaurants" that seem to be all popular nowadays.

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