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Better Late Than Never, Eh?

Yo dudes! Tonight (March 28th) is the big show over at the Loretto-Hilton Theatre on Webster University's campus, around where Edgar meets Big Bend (just south of that, on the east side of Edgar). It's gonna be sweet! I'm going to be dressed as a certain historical/literary figure for most or all of the evening. To recap all the reasons you should change your plans to go here tonight, I'll enumerate:

-It's the annual Webster University Media Excellence awards, which honors achievements in film, video, photography, and other media forms, by students of the school

-Dana Snyder, the voice of Master Shake on Cartoon Network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force and an alumnus of Webster University, is the emcee for the evening

-I (or anyway, a slightly sick version of me) will be dressed as a certain historical/literary figure

-The programming is really hilarious, and I helped act in/work on it

-There's free food and free booze

-Everyone's gonna be there, so what else is there to do?

Anyway, the reception (with food, booze, and live music) starts at 6:00PM. There is no charge for this event; it is free and open to the public, and will be fun. Plus, if it sucks, you are in no way obligated to stay! Come for a free drink or two, then bolt--nobody's gonna stop ya. But you'd still be a fool to do that. I hope to see y'all tonight!

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