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Dear Hunter & Amanda:

Oh holy cow! Thanks ever so much for the excellent package o' dynamite gifts. I especially liked the C3-PO doll (it is most bitchin'). I apologize that I was not at home to receive your visit, but alas I work from 9:00AM until around 6:00PM Monday through Friday! It is a gyp to be sure but next time calling ahead or otherwise making plans might be preferable (however surprises are indeed always nice and mostly welcome) inasmuch as perhaps I can plan to be home at the time of the visit. Thank you again for the rockin' presents, even if I couldn't understand what you (Amanda I reckon) were saying on the answering machine (not necessarily cuz yer French is bad, but rather because my answering machine was purchased for $10 at Family Dollar and is extremely low quality). Ping!

Yer bro,

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