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...And All You People In Here Are Tremendous...'Cept The People In The Back

As you may have assumed, I'm back at my Grandmother and Step-Grandfather's house again. Why else would I be posting?

So lots of stuff has happened since who-knows-when, or whatever, or whenever. School started. Then it ended. That was summer school, and I got As in both classes. Now, school's started again. It's going all right. My first film is almost finished. I start (and finish) shooting my second next week. My Media Writing class seems somewhat of a bore sometimes, but the professor is cool and it can be fun and interesting at other times. As for Modern World Cinema, I still haven't found the textbook. That class rocks, though. French is relatively easy and my professor there is some bad-ass, too. Then there's Mass Communications, the professor of which is the wife of my over-the-summer Video Production professor. Both of those people are real winners, to say the least. Overall, my schedule isn't too demanding, or anything, and furthermore, it's kind of fun, as long as it remains non-overwhelming.

One time I walked into school at around 9:45AM to find a bunch of people huddled around a television in the second foyer area of Sverdrup building. Yes, it was September 11th, 2001, and you know darn well what was being broadcast, and why it had warranted the bringing of a television into the foyer. Megan McCaul was really upset, and then I hung out with Jessica Seratti all day, and we met Hannah in the grocery store. Unwittingly, she had worn her "I [Heart] N Y" T-Shirt that day, and though she was afraid it might be somewhat offensive, we assured her that, in fact, it was complimentary. I even went so far as to say that if I owned such a shirt, I'd have worn it that day. Then the three of us ate some spaghetti and then we explained Twin Peaks to Hannah as best we could in the little time we had and then Coire and Hannah and I went to Vintage Vinyl so Coire could get the new Beulah and I could get the new They Might Be Giants and Hannah could get a smoothie close by (she had a coupon). Then we watched an episode or two of Twin Peaks at Coire & Kyle's place (though answers to the following question may be numerous and more than obvious, it seems appropriate to ask: where else would we fucking watch it?). It was an interesting day.

Then there was the time that Michele Chrisco caught a handful of Wild Horse Mobil employees drinking on the job. That wasn't such a big deal in the long run. The fact that, for a day or so, I was under the impression I'd been fired, was.

I guess it's been so long since I updated this journal, that since I last did so with any significance, I saw in concert:

-Nobukazu Takemura (or whatever) and Tortoise
-Sebastian what's-his-name and AIR
-Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Bouncing Souls, and The Misfits (these three all at Vans Warped Tour)
-Aïna, Shiner, and Burning Airlines
-Sisé and David Byrne
-Some jokers who opened for White Stripes, and White Stripes

Who knows? There were prob'ly others that I forgot about, too. Furthermore:

On Sunday, October 7th, I saw Tenacious D in concert with Erik Palmore, his girlfriend Olivia (sorry, I forget her last name), Zack Bauersox, his girlfriend Kate (sorry, I forget her last name as well), Aaron Coffman, Justin...Tolliver?, and Beth...Rill? I'm not sure of Justin and Beth's last names, either. Sorry about that. It was a bitchin' concert, though, and I got the autographs of Jack Black and Kyle Gass on a promo (though I didn't actually meet the band or anything). The opening band, The Sound Of Urchin, was pretty hysterical. They had Beatle Bob get up on stage and dance during their entire set. They covered a Rush song for which Jack Black came out and did vocals. Halfway through the D's set, they walked off stage and showed some five-to-ten-minute-long video before coming back on. It was danged funny.

More recently, I saw They Might Be Giants live in Columbia, Missouri at the Blue Note on Friday, October 12th, with Dustin and Ron (KiP and Lauren Eilers ended up being there as well). Then I saw They Might Be Giants again in Sauget, Illinois, at Pop's on Saturday, October 13th, with Padt and M. Josh whatever-his-name-is. Then I saw They Might Be Giants yet again in Madison, Wisconsin at the Barrymore Theatre on Monday, October 15th, all alone. I was in Madison visiting Jim Schneider and Charlie Johnson, and they were in the middle of midterms and Jim was pretty physically sick, so it was bad timing, but I saw They Might Be Giants again and that was cool. That time, the last song of the last encore was "Fingertips." The way it shoulda been all three times (while they did play the song all three times, they only played it absolute last in Madison). In Missouri and Illinois, Muckafurgason opened for them, and they were hilarious. In Wisconsin, a group called OK GO opened for them, and they were pretty funny, too, but in a diff'rent way. They opened with a cover of that Toto song that's all like "Love Isn't Always On Your Side." That's Mustardfish material if I ever heard it.

Mustardfish, speaking of which, has a number of surprise set/show/repertoire additions to be revealed in the near future. I also have some propositions for Ron (other than that Toto thing) of which I haven't yet told him. Now that I've seen the Blue Note, I'm just that much more excited to play there. It was prob'ly the best of the three venues at which I saw They Might Be Giants, as I told John Flansburgh upon his inquiry while I was in Madison. We played a show, as was told in the Mustardfish LiveJournal, on August 30th, and the turnout and response seemed decent. Then, we were gonna play another thing on Thursday, October 11th, but that was cancelled and rescheduled for November 01st. Between WVA buildings 5 and 6 on the campus of Webster University in St. Louis, around 10:00PM. That's what you need to know about that show.

I'm broke.

My roommate Sara (Kanevsky) is prob'ly to move out soon, and the boyfriend of my other roommate, Amanda (Thomas), is prob'ly to move in, at least for some time. I really don't know what to think about this. Oh, I don't suppose I've yet mentioned in LiveJournal that I moved into an apartment in University City with Amanda Thomas and Sara Kanevsky. Well, there's that.

Today was a long one. After flying back home from Madison on Tuesday night, I flew to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Wednesday morning. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd prob'ly change my entry from November 03rd, 2000 to include it. I took lots of pictures, and then got into the Hayden show at the Rivoli, even though it was sold out. I got a lot of pictures of the Hayden show as well, and then some girl took a picture of Hayden and I. They weren't selling his new album at the show, like I thought they'd be. There's a reason for that. The only thing they were selling were hooded sweatshirts with the logo from his new record, "Skyscraper National Park." So I got one of those. While waiting in line, I met two Canadian kids, James and Matt. I gave them the Mustardfish LiveJournal site. It was nice, being in such a great city, in which nobody I knew was; all alone, if only for a day. It was cold. I recorded the final verse of Hayden's "As Bad As They Seem" as he played it live, for Emily Gabrian, who moved to Boston since the last time I've updated this LJ with any significant information. While in Toronto, I saw a trailer for the up-and-coming Wes Anderson feature The Royal Tenenbaums. Damn, I can't wait. To say the least.

So the Hayden show lasted 'til something like 1:10AM, and I was in Toronto until 6:45AM this morning, when my flight left for St. Louis. It arrived there around 8:00AM (local time), then around six and a half hours later, I was on another flight for Oakland, California, via Dallas. By the time I got here, it was about 7:00PM. I didn't sleep at all but maybe an hour or so at the Toronto airport last night, so basically I've spent just about all of my time in the air today, sleeping. I'm still beat. I expect I'll do some major sleeping in tomorrow morning. Longest day EVer.

All of you jerks that haven't done so already need to add the Mother-Lovin' Mustardfish LiveJournal to yer f-in' friends lists. Furthermore, tell all of the people on YOUR friends lists to add Mustardfish to theirs, and tell them to keep passing it on. Think how great it'd be if Mustardfish had a "Friend Of" list that numbered, like, 3,000. It's up to you boneheads. I can't add Mustardfish to your friends list for you.

So I don't have any plans for while I'm here in California, really. I don't know anyone that lives anywhere close to here since Lise left. Speaking of Lise, I received a postcard from her in mid-September that had been written in early September. It was from Greece. She started school in Brussels a couple of weeks after writing the postcard. I'm going to have to contact that Wandery McWandermeyer soon...somehow. I suppose after my somewhat sleepless first part of the week, I should just get lots of sleep while here, maybe do some French homework, or whatever.

My room at the apartment is in utter disrepair because they're installing central air and heating, and they had to move all of this stuff away from my wall, since they told me the wrong wall to move stuff away from. In addition, the installation caused this layer of plaster-dust to fall upon everything, and I mean everything in the apartment. It really blows. I'm gonna have to get a fuggin' featherduster in that bad boy.

To see, regardless of whether it's yet been released:

-Haiku Tunnel
-Mulholland Drive
-Bread And Tulips
-The Man Who Wasn't There
-The Royal Tenenbaums
-Life As A House
-Under The Sun
-Waking Life
-My First Mister
-Lord Of The Rings

And prob'ly a bunch of other crap. This is largely a list of what's playing or soon-to-play at a Landmark Theatre near you.

The package of stuff I ordered from TMBG.COM came in while I was in Toronto. It's radical. I also ordered (and have received) the following things via E-Bay in recent times:

-The complete episodes of The Tick
-The Twin Peaks pilot on DVD
-Two Twin Peaks books: The Complete Access Guide To The Town and The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer
-A pickup for my banjo

And the following things should be arriving soon:

-The complete episodes of Tenacious D, plus a ton of other stuff including the "pilot" for Heat Vision
-A red cowboy hat

So the key to opening for They Might Be Giants, according to John Flansburgh, is to contact whoever months in advance. The problem is, I'm not sure who that "whoever" is. Apparently they're going to tour again in the Spring following the release of their new album that's soon to come out (as opposed to their new album that just recently came out). We should look into that soon. Speaking of soon to come out, how 'bout them Breeders?

Well, I do declare. That's just about enough of this.

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  • Wish You Were Googz, I Mean, Here

    Hey it's one of those rare entries that's for the internet and not really mostly for my own inscrutable purposes. Because: why not? Anyway if'n yer…

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