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A Rose Is Not Necessarily A Rose

Does anyone remember, or for that matter, still love, that band Babe The Blue Ox? They were on Homestead Records for awhile, then they moved to RCA at some point, and were big on the indie circuit. Well guess what? My forthcoming movie, Pour Chaque «Non», will feature a closing theme song with Rose Thomson (of Babe The Blue Ox)'s vocals. I've already heard it, and it is awesome. She did it in conjunction with these dudes, who are also an awesome band (and friends of mine).

Man this is great. Now if only I could finish making the movie.

BREAKING NEWS: Apparently Rosalie J. Thomson (the same one mentioned above) also did some atmospheric "background vocals" ("ooh"s and "aah"s and the like) for the movie Scream. Man, that is so so sweet.

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