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BlarG And GlarG And Everything In Between

Some significant or relatively significant things have happened since I last posted. Some of them are:

-I bought a banjo and a ukulele
-I turned 20
-I bought some DVDs
-I found out I have to take summer school
-The school year ended
-I found a place to live this summer, while summer school is in session
-I found a possible roommate for next year
-I saw some movies

So there's this radical store that's so close to campus, it may as well be on-campus. It's called "Music Folk" and they sell all sorts of musical instruments. Guitars (acoustic and electric), Bass Guitars (acoustic and electric), Violins, Violas, Cellos, Stand-Up Basses, Banjos, Mandolins, Accordions, Bagpipes, Lutes, Harmonicas, Dulcimers, Hammer Dulcimers, Autoharps, Didgeridos (sp?), Ukuleles, Charangos, Fluke Ukes, Various percussion instruments, Various aerophonic instruments, and just about any other weird musical instrument or accessory you could think of. A really radical place, as I said before. Never having been there, I didn't really know what to expect. Ron and I went there and looked at some stuff, and a few days later, I bought a banjo and a ukulele, plus some cases to put them in and some books and straps and picks and various accessories. Later still, I bought one of those harmonica holders that goes on yer shoulders and around yer neck so you can play the harmonica while holding another instrument. Later still, I bought a G-scale harmonica, and later that same night Ron and I played at an outdoor coffeehouse event under the name "Mustardfish," which we've since adopted as the name of our (primarily) cover band. At any rate, it was fun, even though we had to wait for some bozos to play before us, and we didn't go on until 12:30AM or 1:00AM or something. Plus, our set was cut in half due to time constraints. Next year, though, Mustardfish is to return with a vengeance.

On my birthday, I worked eight hours, for double-time pay. Yeah, that's right. It was awesome. I mean, it really is only just another day, so why not work on it, especially if you get paid double what you usually make? It was nice. This next paycheck is guaranteed to be a monster. Later that night, I opened some presents, and some things I got included:

-DVDs: Finding Forrester; Rocky; Antz; and a Hitchcock Box Set which included Jamaica Inn; Murder; Young & Innocent; and an episode of the TV show "The Hitchcock Hour" called "The Cheney Vase"
-CDs: Deltron 3030; The Elvis 3-CD Set "Legendary Elvis Presley"
-A Frisbee
-A Keychain
-A $50 Savings Bond
-Some Cheez Balls
-Some Pistachios

That's all I can really remember right now. Sorry if I forgot about YOUR gift.

Yes, and I bought some DVDs. They were:

-The Cider House Rules
-Girl, Interrupted
-What Lies Beneath

Not a one of them cost more than eight dollars, and all are in pristine condition.

About summer school: When I went in to register for classes for next semester, my advisor told me that, if I didn't take Filmmaking I until Spring of next year (which I'd have to do, assuming I'd take the last of the prerequisites this Fall semester), I'd be in the running to graduate a couple of semesters late. This didn't sound all too appealing to me, given that film production majors are liable to be in school for longer than the regularly-allotted eight semesters as it is. So, this summer, I'll be taking Photography I and Video Production I. I don't mind. They should be fun, especially in the summertime. It is, however, gonna disallow me from working as much, mainly because I've decided not to commute to school every day, for more reasons than one, not the least of which is that gas prices are supposed to get around $2.50/gallon this summer. So, Alex Younger and Immanuel Guest, both of whom hail from within the greater Louisville (Kentucky) area, are allowing me to stay at their apartment to keep an eye on things, and to just look after the place in general. I'll be there for Monday through Thursday--the days that I have school--and then on the weekends, I'll be working (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), about ten hours a day, for a nice round thirty hours a week. Mind you, this is only from June 04th through July 27th. Until then, and after then, I'll be working full time (as far as summer goes, anyway).

I did just fine in school, in case you were wondering. My grades looked like this:

French Lab: Pass (A Pass/Fail Grade)
Elementary French, Level II: A-
Film Appreciation: A-
Myth And Modern Literature: A-
Introduction To Film Theory And Criticism: A
Introduction To Media Production: A

Not a bad mark in sight. I was more than pleased. Let's hope I can keep it up this summer and next school year as well...

As for next school year, I wouldn't surprise myself by staying in Suicide-Encouragement Central, AKA my parents' house. This is becoming more and more intolerable, for more reasons than one, none of which I'd prefer to go into now. However, Amanda Thomas and I are supposed to look for a place upon her return from Atlanta, where her parents live (she also has summer school to attend to). With any luck whatsoever, that search will turn up something, but with my rotten luck, I'll be back here, for another year, commuting like the sucker that I am. As for work next year, I plan on staying with the gas station and just coming back a few days a week, but that could prove more costly than its worth. It's all up in the air. We'll see soon enough, I reckon.

I would recommend the film Memento to anyone having the opportunity to see it. Don't listen to uneducated bozos like Jason and Ty and Kwo; it is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative uses of chronology in the medium of film, or any medium, for that matter, in history. Brilliantly constructed, and entertaining all the while, and so much more. Just see it. Personally, I saw it twice; once with Ron and Amanda Link two days after its St. Louis release, then again just last night with Lindsey Becker, Steve Mueller, and Dan Nies. Just now, I got back from seeing Shrek with Dan and Bobbi Pernikoff. It was fun, and really shows some of the magnificent things they're doing with computer animation these days. As for Amores Perros, it's pretty painful to watch or think about several of the occurrences within, but overall, it was really, really, well done, and at least twice as deserving as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon of the Best Foreign Film Academy Award. Harumph. Earlier than those, I saw Blow with Jason and Angie while she was in town. It was pretty well done as well. I'm sure I've seen tons of gook that I'm just not mentioning.

As for good ol' Webster's Film Series, I recently saw Boesman And Lena; Benjamin Smoke; Dark Days; Wings Of Desire; Paris, Texas; Day Of The Triffids; and most recently, Metropolis with live accompaniment by the After Quartet, which absolutely rocked. Some of 'em were great, some good, some all right, et c. If you really care what I thought about any given one of them, ask. Tomorrow night, I think I'm going to go see South, a 1919 movie about a 1914/1915 expedition to the North Pole, I think. It is also to have live accompaniment, by Robert Sallier on piano, and should prove pretty interesting. After that, I think there was mention of a party at Steve Walsh's house, and at midnight, I plan on going to see A Clockwork Orange at the Tivoli. That may not happen 'til Sunday night, though. Who wants to come with me?

In addition to Clockwork, the Tivoli is presenting a whole slew of midnight movies on Friday, Saturday, and even some Sunday nights, this summer. I'm really looking forward to it, and I plan on seeing just about every one of them. They are (in approximate screening order): A Clockwork Orange; The Matrix; Fight Club; The Crow; The Doom Generation; Pi; This Is Spinal Tap; The City Of Lost Children; Run Lola Run; The Iron Giant; Perfect Blue; Princess Mononoke; Ghost In The Shell; The Goonies; Night Of The Living Dead (1968); and The Big Lebowski. So if you're in St. Louis, and you wanna go, gimme a call or send me an E-Letter sometime.

Last Saturday, Adam Kinney and I worked together at six in the morning, and then he left, and I left awhile later, and went to his house, and we were supposed to jam, but instead, he was building this shed with his Dad, and I got suckered into helping. It wasn't so bad, though. I needed the outside air, and the sunshine, maybe, and definitely the exercise. Afterward, we jammed for a short while, then I went to the airport (following a shower) to pick up all three of my Grandparents. On Sunday, I went to Royce's graduation, where I saw Cammie Uecker and Sara and Nigel and some other folks. It was nice, I suppose; I wish I'd had the chance to say hello and congratulations to Sara Crosby, I haven't spoken or otherwise communicated with her in forEVer, which is a shame.

I called Carrie Loeffel tonight, and unfortunately, she couldn't talk for long. Oh, well. I reckon I'll talk to her soon. I called Lise Johnson at her San Francisco number on May 17th or so, only to find out that she had moved back to Belgium on the 15th. Well, there went that.

This is prob'ly not as long an entry as y'all expected. At least, it doesn't seem like it was. At any rate, I hope ya enjoyed. In case y'all were wondering, by the way, yes, I do want alla that stuff back there that I chastized people for borrowing and not giving back. Some o' you have already returned the items, but some have yet to face the music. Come on, guys. Don't be basterds. I suppose I'll let you go now. If you're in the neighborhood, call me. It's summer time. Yippee.

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