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Aloha Cola

Wouldn't that be a rad name for a soft drink? "Aloha Cola"? I just made that up now, and I think so. I would drink it.

I'm in California now, on Spring Break. This is my seemingly obligatory California entry; I always seem to make an LJ entry while here.

A lot has happened since the last posting, and for the first time in awhile, I'm actually going to walk you through the events that have transpired since the last entry. Brace yourself. As usual, it's going to be a long one; perhaps even longer than usual.

So on Friday, February 16, 2001, at approximately 9:00AM, I had surgery. It was for cyst removal on my lower back. My extreme lower back, if you know what I mean. Oh, you don't? Well, essentially, the incision that was made started at the top of my asscrack and proceeded downward for four inches. Yeah, not the most un-painful thing in the world, to say the least. I skipped school that day, which didn't start 'til 11:00AM, and since I got out of the hospital at 10:30AM, and the hospital is relatively close to school, I could have technically made it. The fact that I was wearing pajamas was the least of my worries in that respect, though; in addition, I was drugged, and tired, and hungry as hell, and as soon as the drugs wore off, I'd be in extreme pain, too. At least, until someone went to pick up the codeine prescription. Which my father did, soon after taking me home and putting me in bed. I slept 'til 6:00PM, then started to watch Casablanca, which I'd received a DVD version of for Xmas, and at some point in that, I received a call from Bobbi, and she was in town for the weekend, so she came over and we watched Benny & Joon, after which she left and I watched the rest of Casablanca. Well, I was ready to return to school by Monday, and did so. The following weekend, I went to a party on Saturday night and it was fun; the next day, I helped Kyle with his film project and Hannah and I stole a trashbag full of bagels from Einstein Bagels's dumpster.

The following weekend, Kyle, Coire, Hannah, and I had plans to visit Madison, Wisconsin, where two friends of ours who attended Webster last year, Charlie Johnson and Jim Schneider, both of whom attend the University of Wisconsin at Madison now. We were to leave on Friday, March 02nd, 2001. My car was to be the vehicle which was to transport us from St. Louis to Madison. I was out of class at ten 'til noon that day, but had to wait for Hannah and Coire, who wouldn't be ready to go 'til 5:30PM or so, so I got some stuff done. I stopped by Kyle's at 5:00PM, only to find that another wrench had been thrown in the works: Kyle had neglected to do his laundry, so we were gonna have to wait 'til at least 6:10PM. It was around 6:30PM when we left, I think. We loaded up the car, and I started out driving (while waiting for Kyle, I had filled up the gas). Well, going on I-55 north got a bit confusing around Springfield, IL, where it seems I unwittingly took an exit that I hadn't even realized was an exit. So, the lot of us just kinda thought that I-55 was one of those really weird Highways that happens to go through downtown areas, complete with stop lights and whatnot. We realized that we had, in fact, made a gross error, when we ended up in the parking lot of some apartment complex or something. My hilarious thought for the moment was "Well, how lucky one would be to live in those apartments! For directions: 'simply take I-55 north all the way; it dead-ends on my doorstep!' " Well, we eventually found our way back on the highway, and without wasting any time, either. Hannah's constant urging and refusal to let us take any real breaks (prob'ly due to her anxiety to see her boyfriend, Jim) certainly got annoying at times, but we all endured, I'm sure. Without any other major mishap, we arrived in Madison around 1:30AM, Coire having driven the final 75-100 miles of the 370 mile trip. Whether driving or not, the surgery of two weeks before was still a bit bothersome for one in a seated position for upwards of seven hours. Regardless, we met Charlie and Jim at Jim's dorm, saw Jim's room, said goodnight to Jim and Hannah, and the four of us (Charlie, Kyle, Coire, and I) trekked to Charlie's residence (in what was originally to be the lounge of a residence hall; hence the floor-space necessary to allow the three of us a place to sleep). We didn't do a whole lot on Friday night; I watched Kyle, Coire, and Charlie "smoke it up," then we saw a scary commercial, watched an old SNL episode, and went to bed.

Saturday morning, we woke up extra late. Without showering, we went to a late lunch (it was something like 2:30PM). I didn't even bother getting dressed; what did I care that I was wearing my pajamas around a college town? We ate at "Noodles & Company," most or all of us ordering the "Pesto Cavatappi," which I called "Pesto Cavavappi" to the register-person, at Jim's recommendation (Jim had met us, sans Hannah, for lunch). After this, I believe we looked around State Street shops for a "tobacco" pipe for Kyle, and, not finding one, we returned to Charlie's (and Jim to his own place) for showering. I believe it was upon my exit from the shower that I spoke with Hannah on the phone, only to find out that she had a callback on the following evening at 6:30PM (Hannah was in Madison not only to visit Jim, but also to try out for some plays that are to occur this summer, being that she'll prob'ly be living in Madison during that time). My original intention had been to leave the following day (Sunday) before noon, to be back home before sunset. With this little wrench in the works, we wouldn't even be LEAVING until after sunset. Well, my opportunities for time at which I'd be writing the final paper that was due on Monday the 05th were getting slimmer and slimmer. In addition, I had two final papers and six journal entries due on the 06th. This wasn't good news; I hadn't brought the means necessary to complete these projects outside of my own home. Well, I certainly couldn't just leave Hannah there, so I obliged. After showering, Charlie went off to practice his monologue (he was also to try out for the plays), and Kyle, Coire, and I went back to State Street to do some more shopping. I bought the only-available-as-promotional-copy Smile EP "Sleepover" for a whopping dollar, Kyle found a pipe he liked, and we met Charlie, Jim, and Hannah for dinner at 20:00. We ate some awesome pizza at Casa Bianca, which I believe is owned and operated by Italians. It was great stuff. Coire bought some alcohol, being that he's legal now, and some energy drinks, and we went back to Charlie's. There were a lot of people in Charlie's room, drinking and kinda partying around. Charlie left with Hannah so she could help him practice his monologue, since she's actually a theatre student, and the rest of us just kinda chilled with a bunch of people from Madison and Jim. Most of those people weren't very cool, in my opinion. In addition, we didn't end up going to a party, as was expected, and just sort of disgusted with the whole situation, I really wasn't in any mood to drink. So, I got bored, and angry, and some slutty girl tried to give me a lap-dance, and I gave her a death stare, and she got this scared look in her eyes, and went away, and Kyle laughed, and in retrospect, it was pretty funny. Hannah and Charlie came back, Hannah and Jim left. After an uneventful night, I was getting ready for bed, I came out of the bathroom, to see Coire at the end of the hall sitting on a couch. Earlier, Coire had disappeared to go to some bars with some other people, and had left Kyle. Kyle was sorta mad about this, but I was glad, seeing as how I'd have been even more angry and bored if Kyle wasn't there. Charlie was sorta mad that Ben (guy who lives across hall from Charlie) had let all of those people in his room, but I'm sure he got over it. Well, Kyle followed me down the hall to where Coire was, and as it turns out, he was talking to some girl, and Kyle and I ruined his chances to sleep somewhere other than the floor (that is, in this girl's bed). Well, we ventured to bed, and the next day, got up pretty late, went for coffee in the cafeteria, then to Cousins Subs for lunch, or whatever meal it was that we were eating. After that, we went back to Charlie's, watched Back to the Future in its entirety on TBS or whatever station it was on, and then watched the tail end of Futurama, and all of The Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle. Then I got bored with The Lone Gunmen, and I was doing something else (which I can't remember) anyway. We didn't leave 'til about 21:00, and that blew. Hannah got a speeding ticket on the way back (I drove for about five minutes to get to the highway, then Hannah drove about half the way back, and Kyle the other half), which blew. Well, I didn't get home 'til 3:30AM, at which point I started writing the final paper I had due at 13:00. I wrote about a quarter of it, but I decided to go to sleep at 05:15AM and get a few hours before waking around 09:15AM or so, to write the remainder (skipping my 11:00AM class in the process). That night, after class, I wrote one of the final papers due the next day. The next day, I went to my 10:00AM class, and when I got home from that, around, noon, I wrote the other final paper and the six journal entries, finished 'em around 4:15PM, and had class 5:30PM. Thus, the week from hell was essentially over.

Now, to talk about Spring Break a little.

My original plans for Spring Break, before I had really consulted anyone else about it, were to mirror somewhat the events of Fall Break, whereby I'd visit my Grandmother and Step-Grandfather in Hayward, California, then visit my friend Lise who attends the Universit of San Francisco, just 40 minutes or so away. Only this time, I'd spend slightly more time with Grandma and Bill, and slightly more time with Lise, by way of heading out there earlier. However, as time progressed, I thought perhaps I'd rather do something a bit exotic (by my standards, anyway), and since I've never been to Mexico on a Spring Break trip, and that's such a colloquial thing to do (albeit somewhat High Schoolish), I thought perhaps it was my year to do it. Then a coincidence to beat all coincidences comes along, and Lise is planning on going to Mexico as well. Well, why not go with her? So we were gonna do that, until we found out that one can't take a rental car out of the country. Then, we thought it might be cool to go visit Mark, and if not, just to trek around California in general, but this past Friday, I went to the doctor for a post-surgery checkup, where he ripped out all of the packing in the surgical wound. He then informed me that I'd need to take at least one, if not, two showers daily, replacing the packing with a sort of makeshift gauze packing each time. Well, there went the Seattle idea, partly cuz with all the driving and the accomodations, it might not be possible to shower each day, and plus, it almost requires another person (besides myself, that is) to change the dressing. Lise offered, but I don't think she realizes that A)The thing is in a thoroughly embarrassing location, and B)It's kinda gross anyway, what with all the pus and blood that it emits. Well, I talked to Lise after getting back from the Doctor, only to find out that she had changed her plans once again; she was to rent a car with some friends, go to a desert in or near Joshua Tree in southern California, and camp for the week. Well, this suggestion was even more impossible (for me) than the Seattle one, but I wasn't about to wreck someone else's vacation. So, as it turns out, this is prob'ly going to be a lot more like Fall Break than I thought, only I'll be spending a few extra days with Grandma and Bill. Sometime on Friday, Lise gets back, and she's to call me tomorrow, or Thursday, or Friday sometime, and I'm to visit her on Friday and/or Saturday. I leave Sunday; it'd be a shame if I didn't get to see her, but chances are I will. I hope.

So that's that. I've a feeling this coming half of the semester is going to be so much cooler. For one thing, I'll only be in three classes, rather than four. I'll be working on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights, and Saturday days, leaving Tuesday and Thursday open to attend ETs and Film Series events (which often occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays). The film series events that don't occur on one of these two days, occur on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, usually, so I'll basically not miss any of such events that I'm interested in seeing (and since the calendar for this period is ten times better than the last period, I'm excited). Besides, this is the schedule that I worked all last semester, and if nothing else, it allows for more free nights, and more free time in general.

So TWA was sold to American. This is good news. It was inevitable that they were to be sold, it just seems that American was the best option, since it's another airline and therefore is more likely to be able to use all of TWA's resources. It's kind of sad on a sentimental level that this beacon of representation for the city of St. Louis (what I consider my home town) is going under (not to mention that my father has put in 26 years with the company). This seems to be happening to St. Louis a lot lately. Oh, well, at least stupid Carl Icahn didn't pull through.

So here I am, at Grandma and Bill's house. I've basically just been reading stuff from my guilt list and stuff I need to have read by next week, doing French homework, watching movies, bumming around online, watching television, and a whole lot of nothing. This is what I need, though. So far, I've watched The Milagro Beanfield War and Cat Ballou, and both were excellent. Hopeful viewings for the coming week include The Bridges of Madison County; They Might Be Giants; True Grit; The Limey; A Fistful of Dollars; For a Few Dollars More; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly; and Bridge on the River Kwai.

In addition, I found that there's a store in San Francisco that sells the pumpkin-colored Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor's that I've been coveting. I hope they have them in Oxford style in my size. I'm crossing my fingers and spitting in my hat on this one.

So in the works for the week? Besides the work to do and the movies to watch: I gotta go to Chinatown, if for nothing else, to buy some soaps for Megan. I gotta send her a postcard, too. I gotta go visit my cousin and her husband, since I missed her recent wedding and all. I gotta go thrift store shopping (prob'ly tomorrow). We already went to Half Moon Bay and to see my Grandfather's tomb. I'd imagine there are some other things I had planned for the week, but the list I made is upstairs, and I don't feel like going to get it.

So that's my life since last entry. My hope is, as it always is, that you enjoyed at least some of it, at least somewhat. Comment at will.


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