RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Another Reminder?! Make Weekend Plans Now!

Yo Bros (and Sisses). I'm playin' a show this comin' Saturday, December 4th. It'll be at the Way Out Club, so it's unfortunately 21+. It'll start around 9:30PM or so, cost around $5, and the lineup (in no particular order) is:

-Googolplexia (me) with Ron Warner of Mustardfish on a few songs (www.pancakeproductions.net/googolplexia/)
-The Baysayboos (www.baysayboos.com)
-Lost To Metric
-Surprise Guests (or so I'm told)!

It's a release show for Matt Harnish's Third Installment of St. Louis-area-based Holiday Rock-Carolling, the compilation "A Very Bert Dax Christmas, Vol. 3," which features the Highway Matrons, Jason Hutto of the Phonocaptors, Grandpa's Ghost, the Mega Hurts, Small Meltdown, and others in addition to the above-mentioned bands (those playing the show). The compilation is sure to be way awesome, and it will be available at the show for (I would guess) $10 or less (10 tracks, if I'm not mistaken).

In addition, that day (Dec. 4th) is FIGHT DAY, so wear business attire and a nametag featuring either "BOAT" or "FOUR" depending on which you support for this year's Fight of "Boat Vs. Four"!


40 or 44 to Jefferson, go SOUTH, and the Way Out Club will be on your right (west side of the street) just before you reach Gravois, at 2525 South Jefferson.

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