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This Monkey Hasn't Gone To Heaven....Psych!

"Hola," guys. I realized something just a few days ago. Before I start, though, I wish it to be known that the offense of any person, whether on or off LiveJournal, is not the intention of this entry.

The thing I realized, though: Wild Horse Mobil and Matt Ressler have some things in common, at least, as they relate to me. As many of you know (or may not know), the addition of the one they call Ron Weathers to the Three Sevens (Wild Horse Mobil) community has brought immeasurable grief to most or all employees thereof (among which Ron and myself count ourselves). Ask about him if I haven't told you already. At any rate, ever since the beginning of his employment there, working there has gone from some semi-blissful experience to some nearly dreaded bastion of bad karma. At any rate, the reason I liken this to Matt Ressler is because, like Matt Ressler, there was a pivotal point that seemed to lead to the downfall of my affinity for the entity of Wild Horse Mobil. I won't deny that I still love working there, but it certainly isn't ANYTHING like it used to be. Another point of comparison here is that the incident that led to the downfall of both Matt and Three Sevens had to do with one or more people whose last names begin with "W." In fact, we call Ron Weathers "W," just so as not to confuse him with the "good" Ron. At any rate, the diff'rence is found in the fact that I hold no negative sentiments towards those involved in the Matt Ressler case; in fact, I hold positive sentiments towards them. The case of Three Sevens is diff'rent, though, to an absolute degree.

I wonder whatever happened to people returning E-Mails.

On accident, I fell asleep yesterday at, like, 5:30PM, contrary to plans I had. When I woke up at around twenty 'til ten PM, I just kinda fumbled around, got in my car, and drove to campus. Kyle wasn't there anymore, but Ron was, so we watched home videos for something like five hours. It was cool, but kind of a shame since Martha is in town and so is Kyle's friend Kelli, whom I wanted to meet, and I may have missed them for good. Perhaps tomorrow night.

I think I should spend the night on campus tonight. I have a paper to write about mise-en-scène criticism where I choose a filmmaker (I've chosen Tim Burton) and explain how that particular filmmaker's films represent either the auteur theory or the mise-en-scène theory. Should be fun. Also, I have to finish my French workbook, which I should have had finished a week ago.

Perhaps I shall be going to Mexico for Spring Break. Other places to visit this semester (most of them, I do plan on visiting; others, I would just really really like to visit...perhaps I'll hit the ones I miss this semester during the summer):

  • West Lafayette, Indiana

  • New Albany, Indiana

  • Chicago, Illinois

  • Madison, Wisconsin

  • San Francisco, California

  • Kirksville, Missouri

  • Columbia, Missouri

  • Phoenix, Arizona

  • Hollywood/L.A., California

  • Seattle, Washington

    Stuff to buy in the somewhat near future:
  • Digital Camcorder

  • Manual Still Camera

  • Receiver/Amplifier/Head Unit

  • Carousel CD Player/DVD-Audio Player

  • Phonograph

  • Dual Tape Deck

Yeah, that's right, I'm planning on setting up something of a home stereo system...that is, if I can afford it after I move out (since it really prob'ly won't happen until we move out. That is, I hope that we do. Maybe towards the end of summer.

With any luck, I'll have another job this summer, but regardless, I don't want to go away for the entire three months, so I may end up working at Three Sevens for at least part of the time. Or maybe I'll get some other job, delivering pizzas or something. The #1 hope, though, is that there's some sort of opportunity in L.A./Hollywood.

I found a button on the ground in Webster Hall the other day that basically sums up the essence of one of the major facets of my existence. The button reads "I Think, Therefore I'm Single." I thought it was quite a find.

Curses; I knew there was some other stuff I wanted to post in here, and I can't think of ANY of it. Maybe I'll just revise this entry as I remember stuff. Or maybe I'll post anew. Don't get your hopes up, though.


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