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Pixies Set List!

1. Winterlong

2. Nimrod's Son

3. The Holiday Song

3. Here Comes Your Man

4. Ed Is Dead

6. In Heaven

7. Wave Of Mutilation

8. Bone Machine

9. Subbacultcha

10. Dead

11. Cactus

12. Mr. Grieves

13. Number 13 Baby (How CLEVER they played this THIRTEENTH!)

14. Monkey Gone To Heaven

15. U-MASS

16. Velouria

17. Is She Weird

18. Debaser

19. Caribou

20. Hey

21. Gouge Away

22. Something Against You

23. Crackity Jones

24. Isla De Encanta

25. Broken Face

26. Head On

27. Tame

28. Gigantic

29. Where Is My Mind?

30. Vamos

Twenty-nine songs. Or was it thirty? I know they played some all Spanish-language song towards the end that wasn't "Vamos," I guess it was "Isla De Encanta" but until Courtney confirms I can't really say where that occurred or what exactly it was, cuz Courtney has more lo-fi indie underground "cred" than I do. DAMN.

UPDATE: Yes, I added "Isla De Encanta" accordingly (12/01/2004).

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