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Schülmädchen Report

So the copy of Gert Wilden & Orchestra's The Schülmädchen Report that I got is as awesome as I remembered. I didn't pay prices nearly as large as those listed at the linked page; I got it for just under $20, and for an out-of-print CD full of German porn score music from the late '60s and early '70s, it was well worth it. Here's a hint: if some CD that is of vaguely foreign origin or is otherwise out of print or rare or whatever, is like $100 on Amazon, try Amazon.CO.UK (but not, of course, before you try Cheap CDs or Overstock or even MySimon, all well worth a check even before the US Amazon).

The piece used for A Pizza That Action, if anyone was curious, is called "Getting Blue."

So good.

Also, are any of my doggs out there in LJ land good at trivia? I'm looking to put a team together for the Webster University Trivia Night this coming Friday night at 7:30PM. It's $10.00 per person, $5.00 students, and there's a grand prize of $250 for the table that wins, not to mention a $150 second prize, and a $120 prize for the table with the best "theme" (costumes, food, et c.). It should be some fun. If you're good at trivia and you wanna rock it, I think there are a coupla spots left on the team. The way I see it, we stand to win up to $370!

Or maybe I could mastermind the foundation of TWO teams and have one get first place and the other second! I could take hom the nest egg! I mean, uhh, of course the money would be split up!

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