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Setlist: "Weird Al" Yankovic at Jesse Auditorium (Columbia, Missouri) - 06/08/2018

Midnight Star
Buy Me A Condo
One More Minute
I’ll Sue Ya
Dare To Be Stupid (Grateful Dead)
Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White
Mr. Popeil
Don’t Download This Song
I Remember Larry
My Own Eyes
Velvet Elvis
Eat It/I Lost On Jeopardy!/Amish Paradise/Smells Like Nirvana/White And Nerdy/I Love Rocky Road/Like A Surgeon

Take The Money And Run/Takin’ It To The Streets
The Saga Begins

As this was the Ridiculously Self-Indulgent Vanity Tour or whatever where he didn't play (almost) any direct parodies of specific songs (except for the medley at the end), but stuck almost entirely to Weird Al Originals, and didn't do costume changes or video jumbotron stuff or whatever-else, lots of songs were acoustic-style, and "Dare To Be Stupid" was introduced as (and played in the style of) a lost Grateful Dead rarity, and "Eat It" was in the style of "Layla" by Derek & The Dominoes.

On this tour, they were playing a different setlist every night, and a different straight-up cover toward the end of the set. They started out doing "Take The Money And Run" but Al started doing the whole "stop, Stop, STOP!" thing and making fun of the super-lazy lyrical rhymes in that song; first "El Paso" and "hassle," but he "got over" that one and they started into playing again, but then when the "Texas" and "facts is" rhyme came, he decided he just couldn't do it. SO they played "Takin' It To The Streets" instead.

Also, Al made specific mention of the fact that "Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White" is not a song that he ever played very much live, and of course it was brought back into some rotation for this tour, but as this is potentially the last/only time he ever does a tour like this, and it was one of the later shows on the tour, he mentioned it was possibly the last, or at very least one of the last, and only, times that song was ever played live. The tour did not come to Saint Louis.

Emo Phillips opened and was a riot. I went with Carlin Reed and Karen Czmarko. Pretty stupid this is only the third time I've ever seen Weird Al live considering how long I'd been meaning to before I first did a few years ago...I have tickets for the June 22nd show at the Fox, too.

TouchTunes? More Like BUTT-chTunes

I think TouchTunes is the worst thing to ever happen to jukeboxes.

In a very narrow way--that is, sheer breadth of song selection--it could be considered an improvement, but to me, in this AND every other way, it is so, so, so much more terrible. Specifically I'd reference the price, individuality of venue/selection thereof, overall physical aesthetic, access from mobile device application, and more.

Plus, they don't have Dionne Farris's "I Know" or Weird Al's "I Want A New Duck" (or a variety of other relatively well-known tunes) on those dumb things. And no matter how many times you play a certain song at a given location, they never add it to that location's "favorites" or whatever.

It seems really strange to me how quick everyplace was to adopt these things. You can scarcely go to a place with a jukebox that plays CDs or (especially) vinyl anymore.
Takin' The Cake

WatchLog MMXV

My computer was down for just about half of MMXV, so I was keeping my movies & TV log with pen, on paper. I just finished transcribing the year into spreadsheet form. It's a month and a half later than it's been the last two years, but nobody's reading this anyway and it's mostly for muh own records! In MMXV:

-I watched 332 episodes of various TV shows (up from 104 in MMXIV). I finished Have Gun--Will Travel, started and finished Dexter (I had previously seen the first two seasons), started and finished Deadwood (for the fourth-ish time? Still the best TV show of the 21st century, hence why I own the DVDs!), started and finished The Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr. (just one season, for the second time, I own it), watched those eight Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp episodes, started and finished Big Love (I had previously watched the first two or three seasons), and got three seasons or so through Taxi (I had previously watched the first four seasons, and have, in MMXVI, finished it).

-I watched 491 movies, up from 446 in MMXIV and 366 in MMXIII. An average of 1.34 movies per day.

-I read a whopping FOUR books, way down from 22 in MMXIV and 53 in MMXIII. It takes me a lot longer to read a book now, what can I say? I am only around halfway through my current one, which I started Xmas day or so (having received it then). Two of those four were Harper Lee's only two novels, and a third (Walker Percy's The Moviegoer) also takes place primarily in the south. I didn't write a single GoodReads review in MMXV, but I'm still tracking what I'm reading there, somewhat. Gawrsh the last book I reviewed was His Last Bow (the Sherlock Holmes collection) which I finished over two years ago. Sheesh.
Alex Gettin' A Beejer

More Celebrity Look-alikes

So it seems to me that Jake Johnson is the missing link between Scoot McNairy and Oscar Isaac, and Oscar Isaac is the missing link between Jake Johnson and David Krumholtz. To lay it all out flat:

Scoot McNairy>>Jake Johnson>>Oscar Isaac>>David Krumholtz

Kristen Stewart and Theresa Palmer: try to convince me they aren't secretly real-life twins. Do an image search for a side-by-side and I've the feeling you'll agree with me.

Have I ever mentioned: I watch a lot of movies?
RØB: Newly Bald

Hail (A Cab, For) Caesar!

I saw that new Coen Brothers movie at the Hi-Pointe last night between Saint James The Greater's Fish Fry and Chill Dawg Cove concert/party. Joe (Klueh) asked me what I thought as I was leaving the theatre, and I said: "Sometimes I like to drink Coen-Cola, and sometimes I go for Diet Coen. It was a Diet Coen kind of night." I'm thinking somewhere between (better than) Burn After Reading and (not as good as) Inside Llewyn Davis? But I'm not even sure those two abut one another in my overall Coen rankings. A reasonably fun movie, in any case, some really cool parts, lots of fun fictional movies-within-a-movie, and character-cameos out the wazoo: David Krumholtz, Patrick Fischler, Fisher Stevens, Frances McDormand, Clancy Brown, Wayne Knight, and my favorite, Robert Picardo. Dolph Lundgren was apparently even in there (but I couldn't tell/didn't notice/he mighta been unrecognizable). Some completely unnecessary, unfunny, and only-distracting voiceover-narration performed by Michael Gambon, the absence of which may well have allowed this one to climb higher on my personal Coen Brothers Totem Pole. Worth seeing, though; an interesting companion-piece to the more-disappointing recent Trumbo.

Today: Maybe barbecue, or just making pancakes, at PPHQ // Tolliver Grilled Cheese party // Holy Trinity Trivia Night.
Andrew Gettin' Sentimental

Funerary Guest Book

Man, is there anything more depressing than a funeral guest book? Especially one that still has the "Space for over 1000 entries!" sticker on the front? ESPECIALLY one whose actual entries number but 36?

I don't know if I have this thing by accident or design, but I didn't realize I had it until I was doing some cleaning today and it turned up. At first I just thought "Oh that's just some thing Mom had and gave me; I'll use it for a Googz E-Mail list sign-up after/if the notebook I'm currently using ever runs out." But then I opened it up and realized it was actually the guest-book from Grandma's funeral (four years ago now). It made me wonder: for whom are the guest-books at funerals, really? For what reason are people compelled to write their mailing address down? It appears as though somebody did put "NAME" and "ADDRESS" headers at the top of the first page (of just over two that were ultimately filled). Mysteries abound!

Anyway I am totally still gonna plan to use this as a Googz/Pancake E-Mail sign-up book whenever/if ever the current notebook fills up. Cuz c'mon, space remains for well over 950 entries! No point in letting it go to waste! Grandma woulda agreed.
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RØB: With Mad Bomber Hat

Too Much Workin'

Well, ANY working is too much working.

This is my first day off since a week ago Sunday. I came home from Texas earlier than expected/anticipated/desired, and worked seven days in a row; over seventy hours altogether. Workin'! It's for THE BIRDS.

My LJ Friends Page RSS feed-reader appears to be broken. At first I thought the sites I follow just weren't making updates because of the holidays or whatever, but now I'm pretty sure it's broken. I'm probably years overdue to switch to some real, actual, more-reliable feed-reader, but what am I, some kinda changing-with-the-times guy?

At least this week I'm not putting in as much time. It's pretty ridiculous that I took five days off and still averaged over 40 hours a week. Get outta town with this!

Maybe I'll go see HATEFUL EIGHT in 70mm later this week.
RobERT Ring

Don't Give A Dime

Scored a 1964 dime (ya know from back when dimes were 90% silver?) from someone trying to "get rid of [her] change" at work today. These things are pretty danged rare in circulation, I tell ya what! Not in mint condition or anything, but cosmetic condition has nothin' to do with silver content!
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RØB: Purple Accordion Smile

Googz Re-Retires

As for that show I played last night, what a good time! Six acts in pretty rapid-fire succession. I guess it's for the best that I went last because of course I closed with "Holiday Rockin'" and the cool thing about "Holiday Rockin'" in the keyboard-free stage of the Googolplexia career is that instead of playing the tunes on the keyboard, I just sing their words, and other people can join in, and it's way more fun. And when I wasn't hearing any requests (or any requests that I thought I could do any justice), I just filled in with whatever carols I had in mind.

I played just seven songs, which isn't many for Googz. I opened with "A Very Paper Ceilings Christmas," a song I wrote around the holidays last year with the intention that Paper Ceilings would write a coupla verses about me and it would be more like "A Very Paper Ceilings/Googolplexia Christmas" but as yet I don't think he's completed his verses, and mine could probably use some touching-up, here a year later. I already altered one lyric in the live version. I had considered not playing that tune as my original plan had been to play all tunes that Matt Harnish originally released on compilations, AND I wasn't sure that anyone there would even get the Paper Ceilings jokes, but luckily Hannah & Delia showed up and of course Andy was there and Jim & Tyler arrived as well, so there was a dece contingent of people who got some or perhaps all of the references in the song. Oh yeah also Curt Oren was supposed to wail on a sax part & solo for the recording but that hasn't happened yet.

Then I did that Beth Bombara Xmas tune which has become a staple of Googolplexia concerts during the holiday season, such as they are. I proceeded to cover three Bunnygrunt tunes in a row--first "5eason's Freaklings" which Mustardfish had played on A VERY BERT DAX CHRISTMAS, VOLUME FIVE; then "I Dated A Zombie," which Googz did at Matt's request on the sole volume of A VERY BERT DAX HALLOWEEN, then "All I Got For Christmas Was This Lousy Boy," which Googz did on that Bunnygrunt tribute I released last year (but which Matt had indeed originally released on A VERY BERT DAX CHRISTMAS, VOLUME TWO). Of course the Googz touch on these things is to put them in a weird time signature and add a verse of my own, so they're all approximately twice as long as their original versions. Then I played the song from the 45 being released, a Googz original called "XLV" that's (sort of) about being 45 years old in ancient Rome, and/but (more so) also just an excuse to rattle off the names of some famous Roman (and German) literary figures (it's also just 45 seconds long and can be heard/downloaded free here)--the live version, as out-of-practice (and when was I ever really IN practice, anyway?) as I was, took much longer than 45 seconds to play. And "Holiday Rockin'" was the closer-outer, as it sorta has to be, ya know? I mean it basically made a 20-minute set into a 35-minute one, probably, or something like that.

I did do most of the tunes on the accordion (with the exception of the Paper Ceilings Xmas, the Beth Bombara song, and the Holiday Rockin') which was fun. I think most people that are as lousy at accordion as me (that is, who can only play a song with both hands if they have practiced a TON, and therefore usually just play with one hand) tend to use just their right hand, to play the half of the accordion that looks like a piano keyboard. Me, if I'm just playing one-handed, I much prefer the left hand, because that's the hand/arm that's controlling the sound of the accordion anyway (the arm you use to push/pull the bellows), and you aren't using as many fingers, and you can't really look at what you're playing to distract yourself, and generally the sound is just a fuller backing-track to whatever is being sung or whatever. Anyway I'm a hack, is what I'm getting at, when it comes to accordion-playing. I barely used my right hand on the thing all night last night.

A few pals (Dave, Laura K., Tyler & Jim) even showed up exclusively because of PancakeMail! Weird!

I could probably be convinced to come out of re-retirement if the price was right, just for the record.