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Man there's just somethin' about the combination of Carol Van Dijk's voice and Peter Visser's guitar that makes me INSANE it is so sweet.

Also I do think maybe I'll end up getting my G5 sooner than initially thought; I mean, why wait 'til September's end? I do want to build up a slight reserve of money for the initial payments or whatever, but I think maybe I'll get it more like end of August or mid-September or hell maybe next fuckin' week. We shall see! The financing options appear rather lenient, which is good and bad--good cuz it's like "well sweet, if I can only afford like thirty bucks that month, so be it!" but bad cuz it's like "Shit if I settle for the minimum payment every month, it'll take me ten years to pay this shit off!"

Maybe I should wait 'til September's end after all. Just in case. I'm just so excited!

Also I think maybe I get the iPod too but isn't there like a better one coming out shortly (better than the forty-gigger, I mean)?
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