RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson


I am in California now. I came out here to help my Grandmother and Step-Grandfather figure out their new computer, since neither one of them has ever owned one before. Their computer is all new and stuff, so it's super-fast and rather keen. A Compaq. At any rate, I come back home on Sunday night, I'll arrive in St. Louis at approximately 8:48PM.

Yesterday, I went to the Taco Bell on Olive where I worked for three (non-consecutive) days a few weeks ago. If you'll remember, this was in a time when I was kind of deciding what to do with the summer as far as employment. At any rate, the last time I worked was the first day of the pay raise for which I received a paycheck from there yesterday, but I was overpayed by around sixty or seventy dollars. I'm not about to bring it up with anyone. I cashed that check this morning at the place I work now, from which I got a paycheck today. Lemme tell you, it was about a hundred dollars more than I thought it'd be, and the total gross for the check was $902.80. Phew! Glad I worked all that overtime and holiday hours. That's prob'ly the biggest paycheck I'll ever get. With any luck, I'll be a rich man by the end of the summer.

Mark: Let me know when you find information regarding Lise's whereabouts.

Ron: I didn't look at your hours for work, nor did I see your paycheck (though I'm sure you had one). Perhaps I'll check for the check and look at the schedule for you when I work on Monday. Neither Samir nor Michele is gonna be at work this week; Adam, Ben, Bob Sullivan, and I will be running the food service sector of the store for that duration of time. Cool, eh?

Angie: Welcome to the world of LiveJournal. Who is that guy eating your shoulder in your picture? Sorry if I made no sense in my commentary about yer post; I do know what I'm talking about (sometimes...and even then, only sort of).

That's all for now, guys. Over 'n' Out.
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