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Royal Chinese BBQ

Driving to and from the Roadhouse (for the first time) last night, I realized how many great-looking restaurants (most of them oriental of some kind or another, many Chinese) there are along Olive there. I mean, I knew it was always the sort of unofficial St. Louis Chinatown there, what with the toystores and fish markets and all things Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, or whatever. But I never really noticed how really great some of the places looked. Maybe it's cuz I never really considered Chinese food as an option for something to eat before just a handful of weeks ago when Russ and I went to Hunan Vu's; I never thought I cared much for the stuff. Now, I get Chinese cravings all the time. Weird, huh? I'm already making plans for when I have money and I can patronize all these places with great names, like that which serves as the subject for my post. I also wanna see what "Terry's Southern Cafeteria" is all about. I hope they have an all-you-can-eat buffet, cuz God knows I just melt for those things. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Pubes practiced. It was too loud. I wish I hadn't lost my ultra-great super-nice awesome opossum orange plastic earplugs (which I inherited/stole from my father, who used them back when he worked on airstrips and had to use them to avoid going deaf from all the airplane traffic); now all I have are some of those squishy roll-up plugs that I got from some Marlboro thing, or some racetrack thing, or maybe a combination of the two, I don't really know. They were mailed to our address for someone else who lived there before. We don't get as much mail for those folks anymore, luckily.

I rushed to finish my Scriptwriting assignment before Law & The Media, since I only have half an hour between them, but Law was sorta cancelled; we just showed up and Dr. Sheldon wasn't there, so we just took our take-home tests and left. It was pretty sweet; now I have much fewer apprehensions about getting all the work-hours I need in this week, plus I was able to just relax for a coupla hours before Scriptwriting.

How do I survive on so little sleep? I got three hours last night in spite of intentions to get only two, and I really feel fine. I'll be up late tonight, too, prob'ly. I really amaze myself sometimes.

Another thing I find amazing is this Cometbus: St. Louis Stories zine thing; it's really great. I'm gonna have to make a copy before I return it to its rightful owner.

Pubes play in Kirksville on Valentines Day. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time; now it just seems like a nuisance. BUT I'LL FUGGIN' BE THERE WITH BELLS ON, READY TO ROCK. [Sigh. I tried to get excited about it. Oh, well.]
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