RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Too Much Workin'

Well, ANY working is too much working.

This is my first day off since a week ago Sunday. I came home from Texas earlier than expected/anticipated/desired, and worked seven days in a row; over seventy hours altogether. Workin'! It's for THE BIRDS.

My LJ Friends Page RSS feed-reader appears to be broken. At first I thought the sites I follow just weren't making updates because of the holidays or whatever, but now I'm pretty sure it's broken. I'm probably years overdue to switch to some real, actual, more-reliable feed-reader, but what am I, some kinda changing-with-the-times guy?

At least this week I'm not putting in as much time. It's pretty ridiculous that I took five days off and still averaged over 40 hours a week. Get outta town with this!

Maybe I'll go see HATEFUL EIGHT in 70mm later this week.
Tags: computer, movies, work
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