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Dang I am twenty-nine-and-a-half today. I will probably celebrate by sleeping later than I want to, maybe hitting a SLIFF screening or two (or more), maybe just vegetating on the couch with some Monty Python's Flying Circus or some library DVDs or somesuch until I go into diabetic shock from eating nothing but post-Halloween-sale miniature Butterfingers. I lazied my way around two or three SLIFF screenings and the B&E reunion show in favor of vegetation tonight, hopefully I can muster the wherewithal (and the time) to make good use of the 24 free passes to this year's SLIFF that I've been afforded (I know I used more than that last year on myself alone, but already I'm two or three days behind now). If anyone sees anything they particularly want to see lemme know and I can probably spare an admission or two here or there; I think they've upped the ticket price this year yet again.
Tags: half-birthday, i'm boring, i'm indecisive, i'm lazy, sliff
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