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Sweet Holiday Tunes

Yo yes hello! In case you missed-ed last night's show of glory (or even if you didn't) here are some tight studio recording MP3s of Holiday fare that made appearance in various forms:

Holiday Rockin' by Googolplexia

5eason's 5reaklings, a Bunnygrunt song in 5/4 time with an extra verse, by Mustardfish

Those Pat Sajak Assassins were most excellent! PLUS I realized I had seen them before, at the old Creepy Crawl. I'm pretty sure, anyway. Last-minute I decided to do recitatives to open and close the set which was an awesome thing I should do at every show (Matt Pace said so as well), or at least with much more frequency at shows. But gosh-dang I was tired during that PSA set. The index-card holiday carol request idea met with mixed success, I got some pretty hilarious/creative/crude "requests" that way at least.
Tags: concerts, googolplexia, mangia italiano, matt pace, music, mustardfish, show, the pat sajak assassins
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