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Who doesn't love a party during the day?

This Saturday (April 5th) from 11:00AM - 3:00PM (or so). All are invited. We're gonna play some softball first (see what Squidball is all about this year), then it's an all out barbecue/party/scrimmage/catch-fest/whatever. At Heman Park. Click Here for a quick idea of where exactly we'll be (blue = parking, red = playing fields...parking lot access from Olive).

If we can't secure the pavilion/grills there, we'll just go back to my house (like a one-minute-drive from there) after a little softballin' to barbecue it up and play some more catch or whatever, ya know?

If you want somethin' special, bring it yerself. I'll provide burgers/beer/dogs/cole slaw/potato salad/chips for as long as they last, absolutely free (donations always accepted/appreciated).

Tell whoever. Bring yer mitt. All welcome. 62°F and sunny. Saturday afternoon! SQUID-B-Q!
Tags: heman park, party, squidball, squids
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