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Arch High School Reunion Show 2007 (07/29/07)

Gin Blossoms:
-Alison Road
-Found Out About You
-??Long Time Gone??
-'Til I Hear It From You
-Hey Jealousy
-Follow You Down

Stray Cats:
-Rumble In Brighton
-Runaway Boys
-Gene & Eddie
-Blast Off
-Stray Cat Strut
-She's Sexy + 17
-Fishnet Stockings
-Rock This Town

-Bad Boys Get Spanked
-Stop Your Sobbing
-Night In My Veins
-My City Was Gone
-Complex Person
-I'll Stand By You
-Back On The Chain Gang
-Fools Must Die
-Brass In Pocket

ZZ Top:
-Got Me Under Pressure
-Waitin' For The Bus
-??My Head Is In Mississippi??
-I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
-Black Fly
-Cheap Sunglasses
-Pearl Necklace
-Heard It On The X
-??Brown Sugar??
-Rough Boy
-Blue Jean Blues
-Foxy Lady (Hendrix)
-Gimme All Your Lovin'
-Sharp-Dressed Man
-Tube Snake Boogie
-La Grange

Heck of a show, or even a lineup, for $10.65 + fees.
Tags: concerts, gin blossoms, pretenders, setlist, stray cats, zz top
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